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The Man
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Re: State of Affairs

A few years back I'd lurk rants a lot, not really posting too much but they were always a fun read.

I know a lot of people joked about '11ers, but overall 2012 has not been a good year for new posters bar a few. And yeah I can't remember a worse time for rants, it used to be one of the sections of the forum you'd check in on each time you log in, now I visit it about as often as the technology section.
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Re: State of Affairs

Rush just bodied half the forum and I bet that most of the people he's just slumped will post in this thread co-signing it like the oblivious little fâggots they are. / @notedmusicuk /

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Re: State of Affairs

Why is everybody in the WWE section getting their jimmies rustled over a pretty mild wrestling skit?
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Shooting the birds down from the trees
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Re: State of Affairs

#jobbersthread trending worldwide

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Re: State of Affairs

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
That's what she said
Touché you fuckhead.
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The Loose Cannon
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The OP is great and all. But, what's with all these threads being created stating the bleedin obvious.

My response to the OP is "no shit, Sherlock!"

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Re: State of Affairs

Dunno how it used to be, but seems to me theres an awful lot of guys here in that awkward self concious late teens/early 20s phase where they mistakenly believe their opinions actually matter and their jokes are actually funny, no big deal in itself, we all did embarrassing shit at that age (luckily i didnt have internet then and limited my embarrassing shit to dancefloors all over europe),they get upset when people tell them to fuck off and feel the need to turn into Mr controversy which makes them 10x as embarrassing as before, the trolls/attention seekers being most transparent here, the meltdowns the most pathetic.
Anyone passed that age still acting that shit is an obvious fuckin balloon head hardly worthy of attention.

For an off-topic piss taking section of a wrestling forum some people sure do take it serious though, they need better jokes and thicker skin, such as the skin around the elbow or ballbag region.

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Re: State of Affairs

Meh, the Aussie is only upset because that biased Aussie isn't on staff anymore. I promise you Rush, he'll be back one day.

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Re: State of Affairs

You people actually think homosexuals still get stoned to death in Saudi Arabia?
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Re: State of Affairs

Aren't they?
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