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Enough is enough

You know, there used to be two sections I used to routinely visit every time I come on this site. Number one being the TNA section. Number two used to be the rants section but I'm now staring to find myself not even bothering looking into this pathetic section on a daily basis. I hate to make a rant like this because I don't want to come off like rants was so damn great in the past because it wasn't. Sure, there where some good rants here and there but there was always a bunch of shit ones to sift through before you could find a good one. The key difference between not so long ago and now is that there are no good ones unless you like reading about the drama of a user admitting that he has a second account which nobody gives a fuck about.

Normally I try to not to hate on the 11ers and 12ers but I'm really starting to get tired of seeing all of these terrible, pointless, whining threads created every day. It's even more annoying when it's someone apologizing for something stupid.

Take this sad excuse for a rant for example


Everything about that rant is a fucking disgrace. I don't know who you are or what all the drama is about "Whap Me Jungles" because I didn't bother reading the whole opening post seeing as how it was obvious by the tone if it that you where getting ready to bend over for everyone. I just know that your constant apologizing, begging for forgiveness, and just overall cocksucking in that so called rant just made me shake my head in disgust.

Originally Posted by Ether View Post
If you want me gone, then I'm gone. Simple as that.
This comment really pissed me off. First of all, why the fuck are you apologizing? You're on the internet! Take advantage of the anonymity. I'm not saying you have to be an asshole but feeling that you need to apologize over stupid shit like this straight up pathetic. You didn't molest anybody as far as I know so why the hell are you trying to make this into one big soap opera? But you didn't just stop there, now you actually went far enough to say that if people want you gone from the site you will leave? I don't know if it can get much more pathetic than that. I fucking hate it when people do this because nobody is gonna feel sorry for your ass because the whole entire issue isn't even a big deal. Stop being a drama queen.

Now I know that there's a very high possibility that you and other newer posters who create shit threads like this are just trolling but if that's the case at least create something that's entertaining to read. I'm sick of reading about apologies, failed exposing attempts and rants that are only one sentence long. If you don't have something to rant about or something that will at least hold a conversation past the second page without spam comments than don't fucking rant. This goes for newer and older posters as well.

There's a reason you guys haven't been graced with grade A classic rants by me for a long period of time now. It's because this section is currently horseshit.
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Re: Enough is enough

In before everyone else.
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Re: Enough is enough

Originally Posted by KAEPERNICK View Post

In before everyone else.
You just couldn't wait could you?
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Re: Enough is enough


Plus you know, I think that would have made the OP better if it was on autoplay.
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The Loose Cannon
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Re: Enough is enough

If you want hilarious threads in rants, you should encourage me to make more!!!

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Re: Enough is enough

I think everyone on here wanted to post that song as soon as they read the thread title. I know I was already youtubeing it.

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Acknowledged by SCOTT STEINER
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Re: Enough is enough

I agree but this is probably the third thread resulting of that WMJ incident so...

That quote was original posted by whap me jungles, not ether.

number one fan
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Re: Enough is enough

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Re: Enough is enough

I disagree, rants are actually enjoyable these days. Way better than last year.

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$4 VIC
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Re: Enough is enough

They're trolling.

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