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BULLY 11-08-2012 06:17 PM

The cunt thread
I like the word cunt. I say it all the time. It's not just a derogatory word, it can be a term of endearment as well.

I've been a part of wrestling forum for a good
few months now, as one of it's more "active" members in that time, I've seen a lot of cunts.
Some good some bad, but cunts all the same. So now I will point out some of the different cunts to you all.

Hopefully my extravagant use of the word cunt doesn't bother you. If it does, well bad luck cunt!


Originally Posted by Apocalypto (Post 12189027)
Better looking than every single loser in here


Skinny cunt!


Originally Posted by Mystical (Post 12217292)
Fuck man, I'm hella drunk. I've been spending sometime at my other forum. Bully sorry for being an ass a couple days ago, you jobbers are all cool. Anyway, what's been going on here while I was gone?


Originally Posted by Mystical
Hey man, I just want to say sorry for last night. I was just being a dick because of lack of sleep. I'm probably going to be offline for awhile to let shit calm down. But I hold no hard feelings for what you said and I even admit I take shit too far sometimes. You're a cool person to talk to and I retract the shit I said about the jobber thread. With that said you don't have to accept my apology as this is just a peace offering from me to you. You can accept it if you want.

Apologetic cunt!


Originally Posted by CREDMI (Post 12150073)
then I'll take a dump in it, piss in it, then slap it on your head & there ain't a fucking thing you pussies can do to stop me. Admittedly, I have lost a lot of good hats through these actions, but it's well & truely worth it!!
Those who give red reps are basically wannabe cops/low life scums, too mentally retarded or cowardly to have the balls/flaps to out debate someone they disagree with. Yep, *r*ush & *c*atawhatever, you've gotta get a special mention!!! This thread is aimed at over opinionated, mentally inept fuckwits, who just enjoy putting their pathetic thoughts out there, without being able to back it up logically, just like the both of you do!!!
To those who give green reps, I find you quite sad too, but I'll just fart in my hat before I place it gently on your head. If you agree or find another post amusing, don't secretly support them, put your name out there & support them that way.
Aaaah, welcome back inner hatred of mankind, I missed you & am glad that you got over your stage fright. It was understandable though, that was a donkeyboy hatred that stood next to you in the public urinal.

Edit: rush & catawhatever don't deserve or warrant having a capital letter to start their names, that must be earnt!!!

Rep ranting cunt!


Originally Posted by Bad Blood (Post 11985122)
I agree

Agreeable cunt!


Originally Posted by Andy3000 (Post 12241794)
"Gotten to' must've started when I was on one of my extended holidays from here. I came back and a bunch of people were saying it. I remember when you could threaten to murder someone and wouldn't be hit with this "gotten to" horse shit. It's the dirt fucking worst and should be abolished.

IDK what "rustling jimmes" is. Must be a new thing. Fuck it.

"Numpty" is nothing like that bullshittery. I'm old and cantankerous and I've been calling cunts numpties for 25 years. Numpty isn't some faggy internet slang. My old man used to tell me he invented the word. He's a lying scumbag and I'm probably going to burn his house down one of these days, but it's pretty much a guarantee that some other foul-mouthed Scotsman invented it several millennia ago when we were invading Austria or Poland or Egypt.

The word "numpty" is one of the main reasons I'm proud to wear a kilt and shoot cows in the testicles with paintball guns (aka be a Scotsman).


Originally Posted by Andy3000 (Post 12242199)
I come and go. My time here pretty much passed, but now and again I stick around for a minute. Then I fade back into the background. I'm the wino that sits outside the fancy restaurant looking for spare change. From time to time there'll be a decent cunt on the door and he'll let me in for a piss, but that usually just ends with me throwing newspapers and bars of soap at sober people. I think I saw Headliner working the bathroom one time. He gave me a skoosh of aftershave and a paper towel to dry my hands, but I had no tip for him. "No Diesel, no weasel," indeed. Don't I know it, brother.

We often buzz furniture polish and shoot chickens in the cock and cocks in the cunt, also.

I appreciate that you appreciate me.

Funny cunt!


Originally Posted by sXe_Maverick (Post 12221123)
I'd sing soft kitty to Penny. Then massage her kitty :side:

Romantic cunt!


Originally Posted by Ziggler Mark (Post 12234721)
in my personal experience (family members who refuse to listen to me :p), I've seen laptop batteries become useless alot sooner than they should.

Most recent example:

My uncle brought some new laptops home from work, and the kids used them basically for homework, and other light-duty uses, and left them plugged in round the clock. This went on for a year. I was at their house a couple of weeks ago and pulled the computer out to do some work at the kitchen table. I turned it on, and the battery died immediately. So I pulled out another one, and the system gives a fatal message about the health of the battery if it isnt plugged into a charger.

The theory is that a battery gets (x) amount of charge cycles in it's life. Ideally, you wanna use the entire charge amount (run the battery to 0%) before recharging, otherwise you're wasting charge cycles. So what you have is a battery that's never being unplugged, but unquestionably using battery and using charge cycles.

smart cunt!


Originally Posted by Dunk20 (Post 12181344)

Good looking cunt! (no homo)


Originally Posted by Anark (Post 12241377)
There was a young man called Swagger
Who stabbed a girl with a dagger
She had played hard to get
When Swagger’s friend she had met
But now Gandhi could finally shag her

Poetic cunt!


Originally Posted by Kelly Kelly fan (Post 12218681)
Kelly Kelly last appeared on Raw at the beginning of August where she defeated Eve in that match. This could be Kelly Kelly turning heel for the first time in her career by attacking Kaitlyn. Kelly Kelly also must want another divas title reign thats why she attacked Kaitlyn to stop the match happening. This could be huge!!!!! also its been reported Kelly Kelly is gonna return full time at the end of the year so theres enough time to build up this attacker storyline and then Kelly Kelly finally returns and reveals she is the one who attacked Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn did say on Raw it was a blonde from the security footage therea only 3 blondes Kelly Kelly, Beth, Natalya that I know of and Kelly Kelly is the most obvious choice that fans wont see coming when she turns heel

Come on WWE do it!!!!! turn Kelly Kelly heel

Wrong cunt!


Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister (Post 12242062)
He isn't a future world champion. WWE keeps saying he is, but that's just propoganda the WWE is lying about because they fuck with fans of guys they don't like. They said the same thing about Mcintyre and look what happened to him. Vince will never tolerate an English world champion, for whatever reason. He should be one, but he should've been one 2 years ago as well, and they would've never dropped the ball on a push that was working so well if they wanted the guy to succeed, that's not how they do business. The only way they'd even consider giving him the belt is if Sheamus, Big Show, Orton, Del Rio, Ziggler and Miz coincidentally all got injured at the same time, and even then, they'd probably just call somebody from Raw in instead, or treat him like they did with Christian when he was champion.

opinionated cunt!


The cunt every cunt wants to fight!


Originally Posted by PsychedelicStacey (Post 12251953)
How can that be a fake? Would you like another one I took?

Hairy cunt!


Originally Posted by Gandhi (Post 12238382)
I don't fuck dead people,I never said I liked necrophilia what I did say is that I have no problem with people who have the desire to have sex with corpses.I'm just open about things that way and if something is harmless I see no point in degrading it.Saying something is bad simply because society says its bad is stupid,Think before you turn something into a taboo.I'm sure you wouldn't understand anything I'm saying since you're pretty much a slow guy,But hey I'm a nice guy I'll try.

And stop using that gif,You've posted it like a million times because of your inability to actually post an actual response you joke of a human being.

Sick cunt!


Originally Posted by The Livid One (Post 12236747)
They say it's easier to get to the top then staying there. Not when you're me, when you take sonofabitches out. But that don't matter. What matters is, today i log in to check the forum (it's still a bucket of smashed nigger dicks, meta surprise there) and i see that the resident smegma churners of this turd section are all riled up, piled up and dialed up their mommies because some noob chutney ferret is trolling their little clique. Inquisitous as i am, i gotta see what the fuss is about. So i check out the puny newfag's thread, and what do i see? The dickwads that be are calling him The Livid One. The fugly anorexic queer in question is not The Livid One, she's not THE BERZERKER. Now that we've laid that little conundrum to rest i just wanna say that THE MAN is back. I obviously came here tonight with no opponent, cuz they're all afraid, i probably wont have one for a while, so i'm gonna give you fans a treat. Get down on your knees, close your eyes, pucker up, cuz you're gonna get a chance to kiss the champ's ass. I expect a cameo from my bottom bitch Dicknark, the head nigger in charge and the fairie vbookie fagis.

Banned cunt!


Originally Posted by GOON The Legend (Post 12184388)

Just defending LIBERTY on my new yacht that I imported.

Rich cunt!


Originally Posted by Kentonbomb (Post 12019803)
I don't get it. The only girls I ever seem to attract are ugly girls or fat girls who are way below my standards.

Some people call me a dick for not being interested in these girls, but I'm not going to please them just because I'd feel bad for turning them down. I do want to meet a nice girl but I don't want people to look at my girlfriend and say "Wow, what's he doing with her?" I have so much more respect for myself than that.

Am I wrong for not giving a fat girl a chance? Would you date an ugly chick with a great personality?

Ugly cunt!


Originally Posted by Warren Zevon (Post 12107454)
We also live in a world where black men can intermingle with white women. We live in a world where Mexicans can run American-based companies. We live in a flawed world, that does not mean that we have to accept said flaws.


Originally Posted by Warren Zevon (Post 12106432)
Oh okay, sorry for the late response, I was asleep.

Well, I don't like minorities in general. I feel that the mixing of races has led to a weaker species.

I do not like the way that black people speak, the beliefs that they hold and the crime that they bring to our nation. I would love to be able to drive through the rougher parts of cities like Detroit in one of our better vehicles without having to worry about it getting stolen while I am away. I don't like going on trips with my wife and seeing black men making rape eyes at her. I feel that for a myriad of reasons, blacks are an inferior race to caucasians. At the same time, I can appreciate individual black men for their talents: Richie Havens, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters etc. are all talented musicians.

I'm not a big fan of the Mexicans/Indians/Orientals/Arabs either, but that is for another time.

Racist cunt!


Originally Posted by R.K.O Peep (Post 12038515)

Me with one of my close friends on a night out.

Yes I am a nerd lol

Nerdy cunt!


Originally Posted by Skermac (Post 12180858)
Parents need to start paying attention to their kids and take them in for therapy if they looked depressed.

Schools should start stressing to kids to report all bullying and then call the cops the same day bullying happens.

Cops can arrest the bullies for disturbing the peace, being unruly, making threats or any charge.

Those being bullied should report and not fight back with physical violence except in defense because violence creates more violence. The world is supposed to be more civil, so we need to teach peace.

Soft cunt!


Originally Posted by HEELKris (Post 12235642)
Nice pic from Google Images, why don't you type ''ogrish'' instead and see what would your body look like after meeting me?

Funny, cause you're still a kid, an useless autistic phaggot, you're bullied at school because you wear wrestling t-shirts like the nerd you are and you contemplate suicide because of it everyday. So when you finally decide to rage quit (:))be successful okay son? It would be a step forward for humanity, cause we certainly don't need ignorant, weak scum like you on this planet

nice cunt!

Talented cunt!


Originally Posted by Dunk20 (Post 12219751)
I am going to be brutally honest with you guys.

This is not going to be easy, but I have this stuck in my throat, in this case maybe fingers but..... I fucking love you all. Im being overly repetitive but I am so wasted that I have the urge to tell you all how you all are my fav part of the day.

Drunk cunt!


Originally Posted by El Chapo (Post 12164368)
Well, guess I'll upload a pic.


Gangsta cunt!


Originally Posted by Commodus (Post 11984173)
You all need to listen to me, and you all need to wrap your tiny, reptillian brains around the concept that I'm laying down. You see, when I joined this forum I was under the impression that it was because we were all wrestling fans. Because we shared a similar interest and wanted to talk peacefully about that interest in a civil and calm manner.

And me? I'm more than willing to do that. I hope you understand that, because I am a good person, I am an honest person, maybe the last honest man on this whole forum. I am the only one here who has the guts to tell you people the truth, to tell all of you the hard truths that you have hidden away from, retreating from reality behind a wall of scatalogical jokes and pornography.

Oh yes, the pornography. You didn't think I noticed, did you? Well, I did. I noticed how you leer over women, I noticed how you degrade them, rate them as if they were an object instead of a living, breathing creature. Do you know how pitiful it looks when you sit behind a wall of anonymity and insult a woman because of the size of her breasts or some imperfection that stops you from masterbating to her image? You are chauvinists, you are a fetid pool of sexist trash and if I had my way, each and every one of you would be violently penetrated in the fashion enjoyed by Socrates, Aristotle and all their heathen ilk.

Shame on you, shame on all of you. And shame on those who picked on a simple man, a kind man, a man with obvious learning difficulties who had absolutely no idea that you were ridiculing him. You think it's funny to pick on the mentally ill? You think it's brave and courageous to start a campaign of hatred against someone who does not have the wits to fight back? I think it's indicative of your vindictive, cowardly nature and serves as a withering condemnation of this entire forum.

Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are to humiliate someone who is far less fortunate and lucid than yourselves? I hope one day you see how disgusting your behaviour has been and on that day, upon reflecting on all the cute little sigs you made bearing his image and all the sniping jibes you made at his expense, I hope you vomit in your mouth and swallow the vomit, even though the taste of the vomit will only be one tenth of the bad taste that you have left in my mouth.

So, you like picking on people? You like easy targets? Well try it on me, try it on someone who is your intellectual superior, try it on a man who is more honest and sexually desirable to women than you will ever be. I am polite, cultured and can speak select phrases in German. I am the result of thousands of years of civilisation, whilst you all merely represent its regression into sexual depravity and the tragic days of the freak show.

I came to this forum hoping to find intelligent life, hoping against hope that I would finally find my equals, instead I am confronted by the same rampant idiocy I find rife in this Godless society you have all created. But I give you one last chance to prove that you are worthwhile human beings, otherwise I will be forced to further heap scorn upon you, your ancestors and any descendants you may infect with your polluted genes.

So in fifty words or less, I demand an explaination as to why the people of this forum deserve to live.

Pseudo-intellectual cunt!


Originally Posted by DualShock (Post 12234631)
Actually this thread is a place where only the strong survive. This is even the most infamous thread. Look at all shit that happened.
People exposed (Sheamus), people going nuts (Mystical), people cried like the Baraa guy who claimed that we posted a picture of his dead cousin, people committed suicide like Waz Perviz because people continued to make fun of him after the nobody posted anymore in the Bad Blood thread, numerous people wanting to fight BULLY, every new user attacked for being a rejoiner, the infamous Mr. Fluffykins gangbang, people having breakdowns who left the forum only to come back after a couple of days, people revealing their dirty secrets like sucking their own dick or acting like a girl on internet
This place is worse than Guantanamo

Reminiscing cunt!


Originally Posted by Eclairal (Post 12242541)
The WWF buy the WWF so they had to change to the WWE ... But that's not the problem. The reason of why they kill wrestling is this.
The WWF had protected the panda and by protected them, they had create so more animals and everybody had eating them and enjoy it. Because of it, Matt Hardy has gone fat and the WWE choose to cancel his rivalry with CM Punk and because of this, CM Punk had to feud with R-Truth but he wasn't ready so that ruin the push of CM Punk and they thought that CM Punk was bad so they make him lose every match at the PPV and they created the shoot. Because of that shoot, the TNA had understood they weren't good enough sooooooooo they choose to make their own product better by fired Eric Bishoff and the WWE think what they had done was good so they hire the daughter of Eddie Guerrero and make her the top heel of NXT but she didn't wante dto wrestle so she quit. The WWE didn't know what to do with the divas of NXT so they send everyone of them at home and the males of NXT couldn't had sex anymore so they complained that the WWE didn't respected their needs and that give to the WWE the idea of the respect gimmick for CM Punk.

Here's how the WWF kill the wrestling

Delusional cunt!


Originally Posted by Whap Me Jungles (Post 12228146)
There's something I find okay about shemale-female porn that I don't feel about shemale-male porn. Maybe it's because I view shemale-male as just gay porn for people in denial. Shemale-female would just be straight porn with an extra pair of tits.

However, you don't get very much shemale-female outside of Japanese hentai. Which sucks.

She-male watching cunt!


Originally Posted by TheGreatOneIV (Post 12219747)
Can you Austin lovers read? I swear i have to reiterate the same thing over and over just so will grasp the simple concept.

Your main premise is that Austin is a bigger draw than Rock.

My rebuttal to that is how come business peaked in 00 in terms of ratings/ppv/live att/WM buyrate when Austin missed most of the year?

Your counterargument is a bunch of quotes which you have still failed to give me links to.

More importantly how the FUCK can you honestly give Austin all the credit for 98/99 when Rock was FUCKIN there?????? Not to mention the Vince character is what popped WWF and made Austin a big draw in the first place.

This debate is so easy because all we have to do is examine how Austin and Rock did ALONE without the other guy there to help boost business.

In 98/99: Austin had tremendous help from face Rock/Vince character/FACE DX/Taker/Foley. To claim it was all Austin is just asinine at its finest.

In 2000: Austin missed most of the year/Vince missed late 99 til WM/Taker missed WM and the 1st half of the year/Foley missed most of the year. That is what you call SINGLE HANDILY!!!!!!

You kids claim Austin was the main attraction at Unforgiven 00? Hahahah what a joke, then why didnt he headline? When Austin finally did then why did he get the LOWEST BUYRATE THE ENTIRE YEAR?????????? Yet Backlash/Unforgiven was bc of Austin right, funny how you guys dont have any Meltzer quotes to make up excuses for why SS drew shit.

Now lets take a look how the almighty Austin did in 01 when he finally got a chance to show how big of a draw he was w/o Rock there to hold his hand.

Backlash 2001: 375,000
Judgment Day 2001: 405,000
King of the Ring 2001: 445,000

Compared to:

Backlash 2000: 675,000
Judgement Day 2000: 420,000
King Of The Ring 2000: 475,000

Lets disregard Backlash 00 bc Austin was there for 5 min, still JD/KOTR did WORSE!!!!!!!!! You kiddies finally catch my drift? If Austin was a bigger draw than Rock how come SS 00 had the worst buyrate of the year and why did these PPV drop?

This is undeniable proof that Austin cant draw bigger than Rock ON HIS OWN w/o him there.

I already know what your going to reply with......"oh but Great One Meltzer said this, he said that" WWE recognized "This Is Your Life" as the highest rated segment which it has stated many times over the years. It also recognized May 10, 99 has having the highest rated show/match which INCLUDED face Rock. I respect Dave but hes not god nor the be all end all of "facts" in WWE, sorry i had to be the one to reveal that revelation.

Are you fanboys actually arguing that WWE has been promoting lies to us? Newsflash, theyve proven long ago there no more than incompetent idiots. If we dont believe they can manage to do something so easy as get the highest rated match/segment right then how are we to believe anything that comes from them? Its Vince product so its a correlation of him, so how are we to believe anything that comes out of his mouth?

I am also listening to a lot of old Meltzer interviews, you better cross your fingers bc i know im going to dig up some real quotes from him.

Not to mention he already said OUT OF HIS OWN MOUTH that Austin "wasnt far behind in terms of promos and STAR POWER" mmmmmmhhhh wounder what star power means? Not to mention when asked which 3 guys he would he pick to start his own company guess who he picked 1st? ROCK while he picked that jabroni Austin last.

Go to 5:29 in this video. Rock basically breaks it down better than i ever could on why Austin is a joke and not even close to his level. He practically buried Austins entire career and pathetic "accomplishments"

That was fun :)

tl;dr cunt!


Originally Posted by Keyser Söze (Post 12236775)
Haiii :3

Friendly cunt!


Originally Posted by ADC (Post 12194252)
Oooh, that Catalonica or whatever she's called is a real cutie!


Originally Posted by ADC (Post 12194252)
If real dolls start to be made to be robotic and responsive, and they become more readily accesable to men, will real women have to work harder, will they be more lonely, could it even be that they become obsolete? Will men have much higher standards?

Desperate and lonely cunt!


Originally Posted by AngryPhil (Post 12123570)
Currently taking a shit and I noticed that the toilet paper I bought is cheap as hell. I might as well be wiping my ass with sandpaper.

Why is there such a thing as cheap toilet paper? Why can't every piece of paper be soft and soothing? Why must my ass along with others suffer from rough and painful wiping?



Whinging cunt!


Originally Posted by ESPNNYC1 (Post 12226859)
I just came out to my best friend tonight and he's gay I still feel awkward about it

Confused cunt!


Originally Posted by TheAmazingChamp (Post 12167986)
It makes me mad when you want a sexy girl. Then you try to go up to her and try to hit on her. Everything works out at first. Then when you want to get her to be your boo it goes sour. Also the stuck-up women make me mad too.


Originally Posted by TheAmazingChamp (Post 12168023)
Not me personally but I hate it when it happens to people.

Lying cunt!


Originally Posted by Punk's #1 Fan (Post 11933438)
People getting up and doing the same routine day after day, not caring (or atleast not putting enough thought into) what they are doing. People that just take life as it is. Doesn't ask any questions, just lives in there own world and own bubble. I don't know if it is that they use God as an excuse (and believe me I'm not trying to turn this into any sort of religious conversation) but there are still QUESTIONS in this universe that we don't know the answers to

Society today is fucked up. Everybody is only concerned with the newest movies out, the hottest accessories, the coolest music..etc....completely engulfed in pop culture. there are no more real thinkers anymore. It seemed like for a moment humanity and society was advancing from the 1500s to 1900s but nowadays it seems like we are getting dumber.

I could not imagine growing up as a teenager now a days. (Granted, I'm 21 so I just made it out alive.) Can you imagine getting shunned because of your dislike of Justin Bieber? Not a fan of Twilight? Don't wear skinny jeans and smedium t shirts? Outcasted. Your an outcast now mutherfucker, congradulations. You go against the grain. You have no friends, but who needs friends anyways? Especially when all they are going to do is drag you down, be annoying and sing stupid pop songs.

Meanwhile the government and the devil worshipers are taking every right you have from you right before your eyes, restricting civillization and the unwashed masses into dumbing down society and doing whatever they say out of fear. Freedom will be a word not spoken in the near future. They are posioning your foods and selling them to you at outragous prices. They put lead in your toys. You think this is accident??

I'm talking about high levels of arsenic in your apple juice, I'm talking bout aspartame in your sprite. Meat glue in your steaks. You probably don't even know what the fuck I'm saying right now...

Society is brainwashed and you all need help. I suggest by enlightening yourself ASAP. A few good references (you can google them):

-The Zeitgeist (watch the WHOLE movie for maximum elightenment)

-Alex Jones, his radio shows and websites prisionplanet.com and infowars.com

-VigilantCitizen.com (reveals a plethora of subliminals in the media and pop culture that goes unnoiticed everyday by you, unwashed masses )

-MK Ultra (a covert, illegal human research experiment for "behavioral modification" (in other words, brainwashing!) Conducted by none other than the CIA in the 1950's!

A few good movies for you to watch

The Matrix

The Matrix 2

The Matrix 3

Furtheremore, the question still remains. Why are the masses so unwashed and is there any hope left for society? I would like to see peoples stances on this very subject.

The question stems from my excitement to tell everybody I know that the new rover landed on mars, and that basically everybody I told didn't give a shit and were more wrapped up in their own lives or other unimportant issues not pertaining to life itself, to actual sit back and comprehend this information, that this is a breaktrough in space technology, and is a big step forward for humanity to answer QUESTIONS. Questions we do not know the answers of, like can Mars sustain life, or has it ever once sustain life, water on mars etc..and nobody really cared for these questions to be answered, and went about their life. Like they only would care if it found an alien or something, because aliens are on TV/movies and are soooooo cool.

Rant end.

Enlightened cunt!


Originally Posted by SVETV988_fan (Post 11906714)
I amsad to announce that i've returned to this website with a heavy heart. Just recently I have broken up with my girlfriend and it hurts so much. We have been together for a long time and she has always been absolutely head over heels for me, just last month I took her on vacation and she announced to me that she had lost her feelings for me. I don't understand how someone that loved you so much would just lose their feelings like that. If it possible for a woman to regain her love after losing it? I am just so devastated right now, I never loved someone as much as i loved her, we had an inseperable bond and for her to do this to me is the hardest i've ever had to deal with. I don't feel like going out anymore, I don't feel like eating, I can hardly sleep all i have is her on my mind. What can i do to make it better? Hopefully there are some relationship experts on here that can share their own stories and help me through this mess it would be appreciated. thanks

Crybaby CUNT!


Originally Posted by Apex Rattlesnake (Post 12246056)
I dont even get a mention on your list... BULLY we meant to be friends...


Wannabe cunt!


Originally Posted by Thecreepygeek (Post 12267623)
I'm a 31 year old heterosexual from the UK...
We invented the word "Cunt"

You Australians are drunk tarts. In most of the British eyes.
Canadians are our offspring.
USA are traitorous cunts.
OZ, let me tell you a story about Oz, you flexo tool.
Those arms you're roided up on, are owned by my queen.

Now, cunt, Never ever use a British word in your lowlife OZ, vocabulary again.

The word "Cunt" belongs to the UK.
you Oz, Fosters cunts, are not stealing it.

Pommy cunt!


Originally Posted by Bad Blood (Post 11981037)
I enjoyed this forum but it's clear none of you want me here so I quit.

I will log off and won't be posting now.

Bye for the last time (you all got what you wanted well done)

Goodbye cunt!

Okay that'll do. I could have done more but fuck it.

Thanks for reading, cunt.

HEELKris 11-08-2012 06:23 PM

Re: The cunt thread

Lol. Apocalypto has the body of a greek god you jealous fat bastard. And thanks for quoting my amazing post

BULLY 11-08-2012 06:30 PM

Re: The cunt thread
You're welcome cunt

#1 Hater 11-08-2012 06:33 PM

Re: The cunt thread
Laugh out loud.

Hollywood Hanoi 11-08-2012 06:36 PM

Re: The cunt thread

I miss coconut Moros, we used to call them Morrocan cunts

Superior Quality 11-08-2012 06:38 PM

Re: The cunt thread

- 100,000,000,000\10

BULLY 11-08-2012 06:39 PM

Re: The cunt thread
Jimmies rustled.

kregnaz 11-08-2012 06:44 PM

Re: The cunt thread
Sorry BULLY, but you forgot the most important one

Plastic cunt!

Dunk20 11-08-2012 06:44 PM

Re: The cunt thread

This is gold! I am a two time cunt champion, it's a honour! That is a crop of excelent quotes

10/10 Bully!

Dunk20 11-08-2012 06:45 PM

Re: The cunt thread

Originally Posted by Mystical (Post 12242912)

- 100,000,000,000\10

Your just jelly you didn't get to be skinny cunt.

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