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Re: WF Comedy Hour: Mystical & 'Samantha'

Originally Posted by Headliner View Post
Yeah, that was the facebook he used to add 'Samantha' and attempt to add a user named CmEpic (most likely CMStar on the jobber site) and we're suppose to believe CmEpic looks like this:

And happens to share the same IP's as 'Samantha' and Mystical.

He didn't delete his real facebook though.


If someone is going to pretend to be a girl, should try to not pick a transsexual.

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Re: WF Comedy Hour: Mystical & 'Samantha'

I think it's very sad some people do shit like this. The thought of it would never even enter my mind, let alone actually putting in the time to do all that shit.
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Re: WF Comedy Hour: Mystical & 'Samantha'

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
Like the great TNA commentator legend The Taz once said "You don't have to be a rocket scientist duh to know that"

For example look at Sheamus. His desperate attempts in the past proved that the poor guy can't live without this forum. He obviously has no friends and he will do anything to be a part of this forum, no matter how many accounts he needs to create.
Believe it or not but there are really losers who needs a forum more than air, water or food. Look at his pathetic account Mr. Fluffykins. If he tried so hard with women he would taste at least once in 5 years a pussy.
He is not member of that site because he can still use his Mr. Fluffykins account here.

My point is. You have these bunch of losers who can't live without this forum, they get banned and they rejoin, the mods have enough and they ban the IP. The banned users can't either find a right Proxy or they don't know how to use it, so they are not able to post here

What to do now? Make a new forum where you copy all the content from the site you are banned. You make the site look exactly like the "evil" site to have that flair and the feeling like you still post on that site but you are still butthurt and all the topics are how much that website sucks.
You know like a nerd who buys a blow-up doll and dresses her up like a girl he likes to look exactly like her but he is still butthurt and mad because that real girl is not by his site.

That's my explanation why they copy everything from this forum despite hating it so much.

This forum should be called the "Kate Upton forum" and the other forum "the Kate Upton look-alike blow-up doll forum"
Yeah, this makes plenty of sense, at least if you vicariously live through a socially inept nerd's eyes which I guess is the basic requirement to understand people like Mystical. None the less this was an excellent explanation.

The biggest question is why not go outside instead of this nonsense? Even if you (being Mystical, not you DualShock) have no friends there are plenty of other things to do in the real world that can be achieved by yourself. Fuck, if you desperately need interaction that much then go sign up to some leisure groups or something.

Don't get me wrong, this place can be really fun at times, but there's a lot more to life than interactive wrestling websites. I enjoyed watching wrestling without online forums before joining here (last one was 'the smarks' in the late 90's, whatever happened to that?) so I don't know why people require them like it's life and death. I didn't log on for a whole month this past summer because there were better things to do elsewhere in the hot weather, I missed loads of stuff on here but life still went on.

Mystical/Samantha is a sad cunt, end of.
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Re: WF Comedy Hour: Mystical & 'Samantha'

Wow this thread was hilarious. Guess we better get ready for WF IS WAR

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Re: WF Comedy Hour: Mystical & 'Samantha'

Good to know it wasn't actually Nitemare. Also, I still don't think the girl in the pic looked that young, geez.

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Re: WF Comedy Hour: Mystical & 'Samantha'

Originally Posted by Catalanotto View Post
Remember when I made a post saying I was added on facebook by John Marston? That turned out to be Mystical, who seems to have since deleted his facebook.
Aw, so you got wet for nothing.

That girl got some scary fake eyebrows.

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Re: WF Comedy Hour: Mystical & 'Samantha'

Glad i'm not the only one who noticed her eyebrows.

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Re: WF Comedy Hour: Mystical & 'Samantha'

Lol i'm glad I resigned from pro wrestling forum, I used to be a admin on there for 2 days. Mystical, you better retaliate son. You're getting buried; NoyK style.

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Re: WF Comedy Hour: Mystical & 'Samantha'

Did I miss the porn gifs?

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Re: WF Comedy Hour: Mystical & 'Samantha'

Originally Posted by You_heard? View Post
Lol i'm glad I resigned from pro wrestling forum, I used to be a admin on there for 2 days. Mystical, you better retaliate son. You're getting buried; NoyK style.

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