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Re: Pedophile

Pedophilia is a crime? Since when

You suck the blood of the afflicted.
Those lacking imagination take refuge in reality.
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Re: Pedophile

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
She has the biggest Commodores, Earth, Wind & Fire and Kool & The Gang MP3 collection on her hard drive
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Re: Pedophile

If someone did that during the dark old days on the rare occasion I had to travel on a bus that would seriously ruin my day. Nobody wants that bother when they're on a bus. It'd take something really joyous like drinking juice out of a carton with a straw or finding a shop selling Freddo's for 10p to make that day back up.
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Re: Pedophile

I think when you're riding on DA BUS similiar sort of Etiquette should be shown as if you were at the library. As Ms. Crabtree would say "SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!"

This also applies to pricks who have too loud conversations on their phones. Not everyone wants to hear your story about how you nailed that bird at that party at the top of your lungs.

In these situations the bus conductor has my permission to throw your inconsiderate ass from the moving bus into incoming traffic, while the other passengers, all laugh, point and take pictures.

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Re: Pedophile

Originally Posted by Phrederic View Post
Hence the accusation of entrapment. Nobody here knows the full story, since none of us are lawyers or cops involved in the case. People hear pedophile and have this strange need to threaten violence, perhaps out of some unconscious desire to prove that they are moral citizens.

Paedophilia is an illness that many people do not act on. Being strung along by a police detective is a bit questionable. This is not to say that he was in the right trying to meet up with a 13 year old.
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Re: Pedophile

If the dude lives in your area, pull this on him:

For originality, however, I would suggest Spiderman.

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Re: Pedophile

Originally Posted by Keyser Söze View Post
If the dude lives in your area, pull this on him:

For originality, however, I would suggest Spiderman.
That's awesome

Also notice how he didn't do that on a bus...

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Re: Pedophile

Down here were people love drama more than fuck, if someone was screaming loud as shit like that on the bus, I am pretty sure people would be laughing like fuck, and would make someone's day even knowing full well he or she has a an assignment due that day and it ain't done.

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Re: Pedophile

If you hate loud bus journeys you lot would have hated my last one. Crazy drunk British people

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Re: Pedophile

Can you post pics of your sister preferably nude?
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