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Re: Why do some fans act above wrestling?

Originally Posted by Pol93 View Post
It's 99% an internet thing, but it's infuriating. So many members on here act like they are above being a wrestling fan. "The past was better, this guy sucks, this show sucked, he shouldn't be pushed", why bother coming on a wrestling forum, then?

Then there's the use of stupid internet termonologies that nobody used, ironically, before they spent their times on forums. "Facepalm at that last segment, epic fail of a match, dumb promo was dumb". That's the most annoying one. "____ is ____". I remember reading here after the CM Punk shoot, and somebody said "worked shoot is a work". Fuck off!

On top of that, these "fans" in particlar know jack-shit. They think they know the wrestling industry inside out; they know nothing. Nobody within the business would take any of their suggestions (90% of which are "this guy should turn heel") seriously, due to the extreme stupidity and naevity of their comments. They're always making incorrect predictions, saying people won't get over when they do (Bryan, Ryback), and burying people to try and make themselves seem like they know better than "stupid wrestling fans", when they are actually the most idiotic of all.

Just look at the Dean Ambrose thread. People taking joy at the fact that others are getting excited about the debut of a wrestler who hasn't appeared yet. You are not above somebody because they are excited over something that you are not. You are not smarter, you are not more knowledgable and you are not any cooler.

Now I'm not saying everybody is like this, not at all. But those who are should wise up and get over themselves.
its so easy to get into the industry with so little infruscructure around it that there is no harm in doing it

most people within the pro wrestling industry wish they were doing something else, so f them
most people also are the kind that say "how high" in a heartbeat, so f them twice
most peple within wrestling don't think that there is a perfect world scenario for wrestling, so f them thrice

besides little to nobody in pro wrestling is a visualist or wants to push the envelope and with the limited time wrestling has to not go down in history as a bad thing the truth has to be told one way or another so that we can at least say we tried

oh and my friend, justin bieber is considered cool, just think about that for a moment

dispite what you may have heard we actually want wrestling to be more inclusive not less but not at the expense that perfect world of wrestling scenario

WWE and the monoliphic goldiggers on wallstreet just aren't what this industry needs

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Re: Why do some fans act above wrestling?

The nostalgia thing aint restricted to wrestling b, every fanbase has that. Agreed on some points, but well, the Ambrose shit IS gettin a bit outta control Don't get me wrong, the gawd is a HUGE Ambrose fan n cant wait for his debut, nahmean? But .....s takin it waaaay too far...

"Dean Ambrose should win the WWE title in his debut match."
"Dean Ambrose should break the streak."
"Dean Ambrose should snap John Cena's neck live on TV, become the new face of the WWE, ascend to the heavens and become GOD!"

^furious, projects self-image onto others^

Originally Posted by MVP
“Kevin Nash is right. Smaller guys don’t draw. I mean who would pay any money to watch itty bitty guys like Mayweather or Paquiao?"
Talent/charisma draws. Not size.
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Re: Why do some fans act above wrestling?

Originally Posted by Cloverleaf View Post
This is hilarious.

Your question makes you a retard. You have also answered your own question. They use a Wrestling forum to discuss their favourite era of wrestling and compare eras. They use it to discuss their favourite wrestlers and their positions on the roster.
I consider that nothing more than a weak attempt to justify an incessant need to complain about something they invest so much of their timing watching, to little apparent gratification. The sheer amount of complaining from people makes one thing apparent- they should stop watching. Watching merely to complain is completely unproductive, and there's so much more people could be doing with their time.

God forbid people get things wrong or you don't agree with their predictions or posts.

You are boring. My opinion.
You simply do not like that I disagree with you, get over yourself and accept that some people don't want a negative enviornment.

Who's Dean Ambrose?
You know who he, so that's just petty. If you know who Bray Wyatt is, you know who Dean Ambrose is. You're trying to act above fans who are excited about Dean Ambrose by pretending you haven't even heard of him.

Also, don't throw around terms like "retard" just because you feel safe behind your computer screen. It's pathetic and reflects really badly on yourself, and the forum as a whole.

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Re: Why do some fans act above wrestling?

Welcome to human society.
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Re: Why do some fans act above wrestling?

I disagree with most points in the OP but he hit the internet terminology nail on the head. 'Obvious troll is trolling' 'Worked shoot is work' 'Over heel is over' 'Boring cunt is boring' etc. Ugh. Minor incidents but still, fuck it, they're annoying.

Alas though, the product is shit. I can't comprehend how people can enjoy it, unless they get a thrill out having an ad break every five minutes, or constant references to social media ambassadors or an entire midcard that is so stagnant it's unheard of. There are a few shining lights but on the whole, it's simply not good enough, and everyone has a right to complain about it.

What I don't like however is people here constantly getting on their high horse and thinking that what they are saying is factually correct everytime. They try and cleanse it by saying 'lol its liek well my opinion', well of course it's your opinion, who else would it be? Hell if we're going through that route, I can call you a fucking spastic cunt and say 'just my opinion'. Ah, nowt like a good old moan on a wet and miserable day.

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Re: Why do some fans act above wrestling?

Originally Posted by Hit-Girl View Post
If the product sucks then I see nothing wrong with saying the product sucks. Just because you are a fan of something that doesn't mean you have to defend it when it's fucking terrible.
Why didnt you move this to Rants?
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Re: Why do some fans act above wrestling?

OP, you have to understand that alot of us internet wrestling fans don't get to voice our opinions to the promoters/ owners of the wrestling companys. So instead we do it on the internet, hoping that one day someone like Vince Mcmahon will see our post. Not only that, everyone who talks about wrestling is going to have a different opinion on something no matter what the circumstance is. Although I agree we can be a bit whinny sometimes but if you go to general discussion forums you will also see people who whine about everything no matter what topic it is.
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Re: Why do some fans act above wrestling?

Most wrestling fans are nerds. Hard fact.

Now, there isn't anything wrong with being a nerd, but most of them feel the need to act superior because they aren't shit in real life.

EDIT: I didn't even read the OP so this might be unrelated.

All Hail the King
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Re: Why do some fans act above wrestling?

Good, as I said in the first reply this should have been moved to Rants.

Anyway the thing is; the negativity that most people around here have before, and when watching the show is ridiculous.

If before it even starts, or before it even gets to the peak of said segment/promo/match, alot of fans here state "This is going to be shit".. you won't be entertained as much as a guy like me who actually awaits with antecipation and positive thoughts before and when I'm watching the show.

What I'm saying is, your mood affects your entertainment while watching. If you always act all negative, and expect everything to bore you to death, it actually will; but not because it is boring, because that thought in your head is stuck so hard that it will afect your opinion and entertainment, and when you watch a show, you will never enjoy anything to it's fullest.

Your tears of pain became tears of joy. Thank you for everything, Greatest Of All Time.

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Re: Why do some fans act above wrestling?

Originally Posted by Striker View Post
Most wrestling fans are nerds. Hard fact.

Now, there isn't anything wrong with being a nerd, but most of them feel the need to act superior because they aren't shit in real life.

EDIT: I didn't even read the OP so this might be unrelated.
No, that's not a fact, that's an opinion.

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