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Holding on to Anger

How long do you stay angry at something or someone. Take me for example. There are times were I remember shit from High School that downright pisses me off. It was long ago and yeah its kind of silly to holf on to that for so long, but man does it make my blood boil.

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Re: Holding on to Anger

It depends on what angers me - some cunt cuts me off on the road, I beep the horn and tell them to get fucked, then get over it almost instantly. My teams lose a game, I curse and bitch on for a few minutes then get over it and look forward to the next game. If it's someone who has wronged me, then I can maintain a grudge/anger for a lengthy period of time.
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Re: Holding on to Anger

I have held onto anger and disappointment from my past relationship with 3 friends that ended 13 months ago. It has affected me. I dont know if I can ever let go

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Re: Holding on to Anger

I only hang on to anger for about two weeks. Other then that it really isn't worth worrying about.
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Re: Holding on to Anger

I have alot of pent up anger, I often take it out on my little brother who is a piece of shit.

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Re: Holding on to Anger

depends, but i try to avoid it

ofcourse sometimes a little anger is good, keeps you motivated

got any anger stories virus?

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Re: Holding on to Anger

Only until vengeance is attained.

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Re: Holding on to Anger

It really depends what angered me. I'm generally a very level person and don't easily anger, but if somebody does something to hurt my family, that is something that I won't forget.
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Re: Holding on to Anger

I have anger for some people that goes back a good year or so and I won't get over it until I at least boot their door down and set their dog on fire.

Besides that, I do angry quite quick but I just bite my tongue and try not to react often.
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Re: Holding on to Anger

I only get angry when people do anything physical against me,I instantly lose my cool if anybody touches me.Talking shit to me will never anger me,I either laugh it off or just walk away.

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