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Re: Holding on to Anger

For about 5 min.
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Originally Posted by Mozza View Post
I have anger for some people that goes back a good year or so and I won't get over it until I at least boot their door down and set their dog on fire.

Besides that, I do angry quite quick but I just bite my tongue and try not to react often.
Why would you do that to a dog! Set the people on fire!

I only let go when I get my payback

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Re: Holding on to Anger

The girl I asked out to my junior prom, 2 months before the dance, we started dating. Well, she started hanging out with this guy I worked with like 3 weeks before the dance (a whole heck of a lot). We were going with a group of people (that kid not included). The night of the dance she met up with that kid and completely blew me off, even telling people she was there with him. Most people even knew I had asked her out, and were kind of confused.

That was 2006, I've only finally accepted a friend request on Facebook from her (she would send one like every few months). I haven't said a word to the bitch, nor has she tried any attempts to apologize (other than a FB request).

so I'd say, if the person apologizes, legitimately, then forgive them. But spit on their grave until they do.
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Re: Holding on to Anger

Anger held until such time as I can smoke a joint, then it's gone..

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Re: Holding on to Anger

It's not a good idea to hold onto anger as it can have a kind of snowballing effect inside your head, and the more stress that you feel can just add to it. Until BOOM! It gets released like a volcano sometimes on someone who doesn't deserve it. Misdirection of anger is a bi- product on unresolved issues.

So how do you release the anger? Well it's different strokes for different folks, a few things you could try could be: Get a diary or an online journal, it could be a good outlet and the simple act of writing down your thoughts could be very therapedic. Talk to a CLOSE friend. If you have a good friend that you can talk to who won't judge you then that's a good thing. Another option could be to see a councillor or therapist, that way whatever you tell them won't go beyond closed doors.

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Re: Holding on to Anger

I wish I could be one of those people who is angry for a day or two but I hold grudges like nobodies business. However after a time, I just cut them outta my life and ignore them, whilst secretly murdering them in many different scenarios within my mind.

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Re: Holding on to Anger

Something I find rather therapeutic is http://kickassapp.com/ when something on the web pisses me off. I can watch it all BLOWN TO SMITHEREENS. Am I crazy to like that?
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Re: Holding on to Anger

If someone wrongs me I take that as a slight upon my entire bloodline. Upon my family name. That, however insignificant a slight it may seem, cannot not be accepted. The fury of my ancestors that courses through my veins cannot be stilled until those wrongs have been righted. It consumes me until I have collected a trophy as recompense.

This is the way of it.

It has been written.

It shall be done.
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Re: Holding on to Anger

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Re: Holding on to Anger

Originally Posted by El Conquistador View Post
Whats your problem?


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