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Re: Why be a real sports fan when you can just...

Would you stay friends with a girl who always cheats on stay friends with a dude always borriwing money or wanting favors?

While I would never recommend people just bandwagoning the richest clubs who always finish at the top(IE dumping your girl for a chance at the girl with huge tits and a nice face) I also say why waste your life supporting a club who is not putting a product on the field that is in good faith trying to win and at least in competent ownership.

I realize this might not be as bad in European Football because there is actual financial incestive for teams to move up division,avoid relegation,win trophies etc etc in the Us several sports franchises the Owners are not in good faith trying to win the team is a vanity project for the owner to get in the papers or because of revenue sharing many owners are nowhere near the salary cap and the owners goal is to pocket as much money as they can.

Also you will have owners who will spend 2-3 years go on a spending spree to make themselves title contenders solely for the purpose of getting the local govts either through strongarming or ballot initiatives to build them a new stadium at taxpayer expense(which most of the time works. Once the bait and switch works as soon as a ballot initiative or city council vote is approved the owners will have a firesale and slash payroll to pocket the money.

I really don't get why people follow sports teams in this country most of the owners are nothing but Billionare pimps and hustlers. And college sports man thats even more sordid.
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Re: Why be a real sport's fan when you can just...

Originally Posted by Redead View Post
well i did switch to city for a while, but then when i saw chelsea has a chance at the champions league I decided to drop back
No I didn't mean anything like that, I'm referring to the idea that AVB's tenure at the Bridge could be considered 'dark days'. Ken Bates attempting to put up elcetric fences, now those were real bad times for Chelsea fans! (I'm guessing from the tone of your reply that you were being sarcy)

Strangely enough the lack of club culture awareness that I'm hinting at sort of links up to some of Segunda's excellent points. It doesn't matter where you're from, but you need to know your shit if you're going to consider yourself a true fan. I also agree that suffering for the cause makes you a true fan, long away trips to the arse end of nowhere in a ricketty biscuit tin with wheels, crammed full of nutters that you wouldn't otherwise give the time of day, yet you all end up bonding over the same outlet.

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Re: Why be a real sports fan when you can just...

Good point, and one I just made and received an infraction for. It would seem not being a Man City bandwagon-jumper is frowned upon! The atmosphere at their stadium is dreadful, also. Lack of passion methinks????
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