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Re: The *Memories* Thread

Originally Posted by I Came To Play View Post
Straight into the red for you.

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Re: The *Memories* Thread

  • The old AYT when I first joined with guys like Seb, Sticksy, Coptafeel, Stratus, TheSoulTaker, REZ, 2Slick, Killswitch, DareDevil Jeff, 619, etc
  • The brief TTT vs AYT feud and silly nonsense
  • The staff strike and the silliness that ensued
  • Unlimited rep weekend and the silliness ensued
  • JOY~!
  • Craig and his high school sluts
  • vivalabrave
  • The old days when Other Wrestling and the WWE DVD Thread weren't shit
  • TDL's brief run on here which led to 101 being humbled
  • The 101 era and it's tragic but not really so tragic end
  • Monty and K's WWF
  • Monty and his stories
  • The GFX Help Team and their pretty colours
  • The GFX PPV
  • When the GFX section was full of great artists
  • Rajah getting pissy at Diesel for only coming back to request a banner to use elsewhere
  • The David/Hannah saga sending David to the bottom of a bottle of Jack Daniels
  • Phil Tuffnell turning up to save Seb from WF Prison
  • KIF being a tool re: Aussie and being exiled
  • Aussie
  • DPETE paying for rep
  • DPETE buying the same :bolt shirt I have when I posted a pic of it
  • Seb/Certs GOAT GFX Shop
  • Doddsy family wrestling each other in their backyard
  • That time Caligula got let back only to get himself banned again
  • The days when Killswitch was sound before he went off
  • Near and NAS buying everyone memberships
  • The GOAT feature - BLOGS
  • Alumni worth remembering like Diesel, Role Model, bruteshot74 (), AMPLine4Life, MrMonty, Bubba T, Aussie and more I'm forgetting
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Re: The *Memories* Thread

I got a text message from Aussie a month ago for our mutual birthday... um day. Was nice to hear from her. Miss her being around here.

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Re: The *Memories* Thread

Originally Posted by Headliner View Post
I heard that Perfect had three or four meltdowns. Not sure how legit. Thought he had two here, then had one on WR and WCF.
I remember the rant Holt made about me regarding the whole mod incident. It was taken out of context because I actually did like Holt. I was jealous because I wanted to be a mod here around that time. I know I was mentioned for sports mod sometime around then. I think that was when 2Slick was a Super Mod here??? I could be wrong though.

Anyway, I do remember the KIF/Aussie picture thing. Didn't that happen at WCF? I do miss Kylie though. She was one of my dearest friends on here. However, KIF went too far. There was nothing entertaining about that. Why would you do that to the nicest person to ever post on here? I think everyone would agree that Kylie was a sweetheart. She didn't deserve that. Any "meltdowns" or whatever I had or anyone else had I find funny now. This is the only thing I still have a problem with.

BTW, I'm not recognizing a lot of names in here. Damn name changes.

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Re: The *Memories* Thread

Just thought of something

-Spartanlax being that 14 year old mod that everyone (including some staff) hated.
-Spartanlax hating my guts and doing everything possible to make sure I'd never become a mod even after he stepped down as a mod himself. Then PM'd/MSN'd me once I became a mod about how everything was cool. Even PM'd me about how crazy Austin101 was yet he was still going around talking reckless about me to other members.
-Spartanlax getting banned during the Benoit thing for posting a Smackdown vs Raw game video of Benoit choking out his son (CAW).

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Re: The *Memories* Thread

KeepItFresh, that dude was funny.

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Re: The *Memories* Thread

Originally Posted by Anark View Post
With the links below having been posted in another thread, revealing Wasim Perviz was an old school member from 2007, I was wondering if any of you actually remembered him as Feel the Fire the first time around?

Wait wait wait I missed this, he was THE LIFEBLOOD?!?!?!?! Mother of fuck, THE BEATING HEART OF WF.

Originally Posted by TKOK! View Post
Not really on this forum, but i remember when we would have like 20 person msn conversations. Now Msn's pretty dead it seems.
I'm gonna trawl through what chat logs I managed to salvage from like 4 computers ago, see what I've got there.

Originally Posted by Seb View Post
Holy shit AMPCAST is a contender for the greatest thig ever, Christmas episode in particular.
Destiny becoming a Smod, deleting the log of posts he made insulting VS, being deposed and banned the next day.
You see my personal memories of that are stronger than most thanks to me being a... oh god... "admin" on 18 or whatever of his 22 forums which he put ON A CV he sent to whoever the fuck put him in charge, sacked me because I was "unable to dedicate myself to the forum(s) 24/7", stole exact topics from here too. Still occasionally get abusive e-mails off him.

Actually just found a PM from him from that day:

Originally Posted by .Destiny.
I need to talk to you on MSN tommorrow Mr. Tag Along. You have turned into a complete ass and tom can agree with that. Yours Sincerely, Head of Directors. PPS- You can post this message in the TTT I don't care what you and your little smarm e-buddies think. I hope this message has made you think.
Also looking through my PMs I was gonna meet him at Alton towers in 2008 because we were both on school trips the same day. Yes, the guy was 15 during the strike.

Lady Croft loving baby oil, living in the sanctuary of sin.
Diesel whoring himself for Rep on a daily basis.
Anyone mind the old rep pic of what was supposedly Lady Croft's ass that got banded around?

Monkey with a White Flag
Seriously my favourite account fucking ever.

Bruce "one good song" Springsteen.
The Beatles are a piece of shit is also wrapped into that.

Originally Posted by Yeah1993 View Post
I liked Craig's gigantic mega-quote-posts in 2009.
You may be the only fucking one, although this is turning into one.

Originally Posted by Andy3000 View Post
Relaxed Rules at WCF was pretty entertaining. The FREAKS that everybody wanted rid of. 'Austin101 posts worth laughing @'.

The fact we still talk to ASK HIM on rare occasions make my balls tingly.

My additions to memories:

Free Rep weekends were fucking horrendous in a great but terrible way.

My like 4 attempts to get a Hall Of Fame off the ground, this thread is pretty much it.

Greatest PM I ever got was when Role Model sent me the uncut version of this gif:

Also I had it in my head that my sluts was started in 2009 but based on this PM from JOYMAS 2008:

Originally Posted by Administrator
Hello craigdanclaus, you have just received 1,725,013,717.00 Credits from Seb91.

The following comment was made: iluvellen
You may view this transaction in your Transaction Log.

Be sure to use them wisely, and have a nice day!


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Re: The *Memories* Thread

The AMPcast where AMP sang Taylor Swift (may have happened more than once) was fucking amazing.

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Re: The *Memories* Thread

I know I'm not exactly the most welcome person in this thread, and I apologize for that, but, perhaps this is a good opportunity for someone to tell me who this "bambikiller" a few people keep comparing me to? This has alluded me for a while.

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Re: The *Memories* Thread

Weirdo who was obsessed with Croft.

I wondered who I dumped all my credits on Craig, now I know.

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