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Well, got nothing better to do, so might as well dump a thread on you. It's something I've been thinking about for a while: Dragonforce's lyrics.

You may have heard of Dragonforce: they're the band that murdered Guitar Hero players' fingers five years ago. Well, they're still going. If you've listened to their song "Through the Fire and Flames", you've pretty much heard their entire discography. Just listen to these:

Also, check their lyrics to see how repetitive they are. I checked, and in total, they use "fire" 103 times, "flame" 28 times and "storm" 41. In a grand total of 47 different songs, along with numerous uses of "warrior", "darkness", "evil" and "dragon" that I really could not be arsed to count.

And this band still has its fans? Seriously?
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Re: Dragonforce

Fuck You
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Re: Dragonforce

One of the best RPGs on the Saturn

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Re: Dragonforce

They are going to be playing at a music festival that I'm going to next year (Soundwave) can't say I'm a huge fan, but I think there are worse bands out there.

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Re: Dragonforce

Should probably look them up more often. I like their sense of melodies. Although I've already got a friend who's on my ass for getting into Foo Fighters, of which I'm having a tad difficulty with (two good songs _)

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Re: Dragonforce

Yeah this band fuckin sucks.


Credit: A$AP
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Re: Dragonforce

Band is really bad. Inhuman Rampage and Ultra Beatdown were essentially a bunch of songs with exactly the same structure. "Some really fast guitar with some really fast badly done nintendo like keyboards and falsetto like vocals" was what I heard someone say about those albums once and he hits the nail on the head. No sense of songwriting skills whatsover, so much wank. Their latest album is better in a sense they finally brought some new songwriting ideas in and it was more varied, but it was still a pretty bad album.

They can't even play their shit live.

**** <3 ****

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Re: Dragonforce

I saw Dragonforce headline the Camden Underworld back in 2003. They bored me to death then and they bore me to death now.

Flatley my dear, I don't Riverdance.
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Re: Dragonforce

if nobody knows them, not worth a rant.

not bothered to get to know them either.
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Re: Dragonforce

Originally Posted by Sephiroth View Post
One of the best RPGs on the Saturn

I feel awesome for thinking the exact same thing.
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