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Bad flatmates

So to quickly summarise what stage I'm at, I'm in second year of uni. I was in halls last year and got along w/my flatmates okay, some of you know the drama I had w/them but generally they were okay just not my type of people. I decided rather than moving into a house w/them that I'd move into halls for a second year and hopefully meet flatmates I liked more. I live with 5 other people, 3 girls and 2 lads. 4 of them are normal people i get along w/fine but one of them...

He's called Adam and he is autistic I'm sure. Everything is wrong w/this lad, knows nothing about appropriateness and I quickly established I'd have to discipline him a lot. In the first few days I've known him, everything he's done has annoyed me. He asks too many dumb questions, he has a lisp, he doesn't know what's appropriate and what isn't. He's quite chubby but believes he's in shape and isn't afraid to tell everyone this. Constantly barking out random words, constantly asking for help. Help such as 'Kate can you help me clean my sheets, I've been sick on them' to 'WARATAH can you help me clean my jeans'. No. Furthermore he refused to put them in washing machine and lied to me about going down to the office to ask for help, always telling me no one was there. When he lied to me I sent him out for a walk and he got lost and I had to find him.

In conclusion, share your bad flatmate stories. I DON'T WANT YOUR HELP.
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Re: Bad flatmates

Sounds too like an autistic stereotype to be real.
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Re: Bad flatmates

Originally Posted by Whap Me Jungles View Post
Sounds too like an autistic stereotype to be real.
Well that was uncalled for.
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Re: Bad flatmates

Fuck I've had so many I wouldn't know where to start.

When I was in queensland about ten years ago I was flatting with a couple of mates and one of their mates had been kicked out of his mums house for smoking pot. They asked me if he could move in as my name was on the lease. I said sure as long as he pays rent etc.

This guy was a fucking nutcase. He had schizophrenia and used to just ramble on about the stupidest shit. He also had a habit of writing messages on toilet paper all throughout the house. He was some kind of satan worshipper and he would just freak everyone the fuck out.

One time I walked into his room because I was trying to sleep and he had his music up too loud. There he was fucking the shit out of his pillowcase. He was listening to manowar.

The last straw came when he kept being behind in his rent and when I confronted him about it he tried to attack me with a knife. Ended up kicking him out and the last I heard he got sent to a nut ward which doesn't surprise me at all.

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Originally Posted by Commodus View Post
Well that was uncalled for.
Still want cena to shit in the ring?

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Re: Bad flatmates

Last year I started at a Uni close to my home. I didn't really want to go to this Uni but I had a long term partner at the time and didn't want to be away from her. We broke up before Uni and had always thought about transferring to a Uni I actually wanted to go to but thought since I couldn't I'd move into halls and have the time of my life. The flat I got was awful. There were 4 english people (me included) and 4 foreigners.

There was this one dickhead called Alex who I hated, such a twat. He was racist and xenophobic which created a real divide with the 3 english people sticking together, the foreigners sticking together (bar one of them who was never in the flat as he was out 24/7 in clubs and was such a BOSS) and me being middle ground talking to all of them equally but not really creating any bonds. The other two english people were girls and Alex was really effeminate so they got on but to me and everyone else it was obvious Alex had a thing for one of the girls and would act like a dick to everyone that even came close to her. She had two boyfriends over the year and he made her cry by just being mean to her calling her a slut etc... just because he was jealous. Also because the two girls had boyfriends they would never go out which was really annoying and boring but when they both were single at the end of the year they'd snap there fingers and Alex would go out.

Lucky for me I made a lot of friends away from my block and ended up going out 5 times a week but this had a negative effect on Uni work and most of my friends decided to try Uni when they were ready for it which I completly agree with as some people just aren't ready when they're 18 for Uni. I felt like I needed a fresh start so I applied for a transfer and next Saturday I start at East Anglia and I know what I'm like, I'll get giddy and be stupid again with going out but as long as I don't live with an Alex or an Adam, I'm happy.
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Re: Bad flatmates

when I was in Africa, I lived in a conex box called a CLU (contained living unit);

well, it was like this ^^^^, except broken into 2 halves, and you had 4 people living in it. I had a roommate, and then there were two others on the other side. But you can see how small of a space it was. My fucking roommate, almost never showered because we had common showers that were too far to walk (literally 10 ft from our box). We both worked as military policemen (MPs) who would do 12 hours shifts on and off; and always came home drenched in sweat, it was Africa. Well, I would always tell him to shower and wash his and wash his damn uniform because it smelled so bad. I even took it up with the housing control and filed a complaint after he didn't wash for like 1 month.

One day, after I was working for well over 24 hours due to bomb threats, I slump into my room and just pass out in my rack (bed). Next thing I know, I wake up with a bottle of febreeze being sprayed all over me. I snatched it and threw it at the wall. His reasoning, "you smelled really bad, bro".

Fucking drove me nuts. I had to go through so much paperwork to get a new roommate, but it was worth it. Dude was so fucking disgusting.
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Re: Bad flatmates

Used to live in a six bedroom shared house for a two year period, generally all full time working (or scrounging) people apart from one student who became a good friend of mine. Unfortunately, pretty much every other person who came and left in that time was a massive twat.

One bloke called Barrie had absolutely no self control when it came to playing music through ear bone disolving subwoofers, often in the early hours of week days. Otherwise he was generally an okay bloke but had a tendency to hang around with some right utter spastics. One of his close friends that almost seemed to live in the house at times was an extremely irritating presence. Basically, this lad Danny was Barrie's bitch/butler and would fetch him cups of tea, put his laundry on and do his washing up in the shared kitchen. Now it wouldn't have been so bad if Barrie was actually around for this, but he often wasn't in the house and would just let this stranger in before fucking off to his girlfriend's house in Nuneaton. If Barrie was in the house then he would stay in his bedroom while Danny would sneak around running errands for him. That was the biggest problem, he would creep around and never say a word which was a very unsettling experience, especially when you're alone in the living room watching horror films with the lights off. My house mate Tim actually started calling him the 'ninja butler' because of this shit. It's not as if Barrie would warn us that this seemingly eunuch type autistic creature was going to be around at any given time!

Another cunt was Yorkshire Joe, he enjoyed playing the fiddle and was a member of the local morris dancing society, that should give you enough evidence as to what type of person I had to deal with. His worst crimes were using our kitchen as a bike shed (despite having an empty garden shed) while using the living room television unit as a hiding place for all of his other bike shit such as chains, spanners and grease. A destitute looking greb who may as well have been a reject from a Lord of the rings extras casting session, his personal hygiene was extended to his attitude when maintaining the house. He never washed a plate in his year long stay despite cooking a meal from scratch pretty much every night, the cunt even used a boiling pan to make hot chocolate (what's wrong with a kettle and some powder?), something that was also a regular occurance. Living on a the back of a cricket field it's probably not the best idea to leave dirty dishes around, but he did and we inevitably had an infestation of mice. Thank fuck I lived on the third floor. The thing that pissed me off the most was that he never payed his share of the bills. We had an electric key and a gas card which could be topped up at the local corner shop, usually it would cost us 10 each a month (until somebody else moved in...), sometimes a bit more in the winter, so nothing drastic and certainly not a mission in terms of fulfilling the task. Obviously he never payed any money towards it (despite me threatening him once, he soon left afterwards) after the first couple of months because he just had to live up to that Yorkshire stereotype of being a tight arsehole. He also once turned down the volume on the living room tv without asking when me and my girlfriend were watching it, his excuse being that he was finished in the kitchen and didn't need it turned up as loud, despite the fact that we had turned the fucking thing on and up to that level in the first place! I actually saw him in a local pub soon after he left, he even had the temerity to come up to my table and talk to me while I was with some mates, despite the fact that we never talked when we lived together. Weird fucker.

The last member of the ultimate triumvant of cunts was Pankash. This old bloke was jobless and would spend all day in the house avoiding the possibility of looking for work. I could live with that, but the problem was that he was from India and wasn't used to the cold, therefore he would absolutely cane the electric via the radiators which meant that everybody (apart from Joe) would have to shell out more money. This guy also had no idea how to clean plates and would use cold water when 'attempting' to wash up. He may as well have just not bothered because everything had to be washed again anyway.

Those three were the worst of what seemed to be a revolving door of dense wankers. I could go on but it would take far too much effort, it probably already has. The fact that I was probably the nicest person in that house over the two years that I lived there says a lot about that place.
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Re: Bad flatmates

i had one crappy roommate in dorms. so i moved out within a month and for the last two years ive had my own apartment

the end

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Re: Bad flatmates

Your name is kate?

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