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Re: Entering toddlers into beauty pageants...Why?!?

Originally Posted by MillionDollarProns View Post
rofl my male cousin was in a toddler beauty pagent.

Thank you Edge.

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Re: Entering toddlers into beauty pageants...Why?!?

It's just like when women dress their freaking dogs in clothes, which is annoying as fuck. Its probably one of the WORST things a parent can do to their kid, by making them enter beauty agents. Because even if initially they wanted to "try" it once out on their kid, odds are their going to enter again (to WIN) and the cycle never ends. Its all about winning, and alot of people get caught up in the competition. Kind of like casino addictions (hoping to win big money, usually never do).
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Re: Entering toddlers into beauty pageants...Why?!?

Originally Posted by Virgil_85 View Post
Something about living vicariously through your children. Or some messed up need to prove that your child is better than all the others.
Came in to say this. Those pageants are creepy as fuck btw.
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Re: Entering toddlers into beauty pageants...Why?!?

When kids are being put through shit like this they should abort the parents..
These people are fucking sick in the head and shouldn't reproduce to begin with.

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Re: Entering toddlers into beauty pageants...Why?!?

Originally Posted by SIMBA View Post
I still don't understand how this will psychologically damage them when they will have no recollection of any of this stuff when their long term memory starts kicking in. It's not like these kids will have terrible nightmares when their older about the shit they did as a two year old.
How common is it to have memories from 2-3 years old as an adult, in all seriousness? I ask, because I've asked my parents about an event, "Hey, remember when. . .?" or "What would this be from?" and they look at me, and say, "Well, that was before your brother was born." We're three years apart. I probably have dozens of memories from this time period.

Now that I'm thinking about it a little more analytically, I can pinpoint two memories that tie directly into fears I had into adulthood, when I finally said, "You're a grown-up, it's ridiculous to be actually scared." They still make me uncomfortable.

1) I remember getting shots, and I remember having a bad reaction to the point where I couldn't move my legs. I recall my mom putting me in a shopping cart after that (and I remember the store), and also going home and being put on a blanket on the floor. Not that anyone likes shots, but I was terrified of needles until I was maybe 21 or 22.

2) When I was a baby, I had significant problems with my teeth. I remember hiding because my mom was trying to give me an orange, funny tasting drink (she confirmed this at one point). It could have just been a child's formulation, I don't know that. I then remember going to the dentist that morning, and sleeping in the car (again, kids just randomly fall asleep). I remember waking up at the dentist building and seeing him, then falling asleep again. I recall the typical dentist chair sounds that are common when watching one of those scenes in a movie. Honestly, to this day, the sound of that equipment sends shivers up my spine.

I don't know. . . I remember meeting the babysitter for the first time, my brother coming home from the hospital, my brother's Baptism, the little resort my folks owned (and a few different stories about them, like my grandma and grandpa being there, and they apparently helped run the place), etc. A bunch of stuff they've never talked about, and they look at me like I'm weird when I ask them about it.

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Re: Entering toddlers into beauty pageants...Why?!?

Originally Posted by andersonasshole900 View Post
This thread reminds me of that South Park episode.
That shit was hilarious.

The judges jacking off under the table and then the cops storming in.

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