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Hey IWC! You can't deny it!

Or some shit like that. Every week we have some kind of this shit like "IWC should more respect Cena" or "IWC overrates Ziggler" or "IWC please accept Ryback"
I hate that how some people think IWC really exist.
Or something posted today in a thread
Originally Posted by seancarleton77 View Post
It looks as if we have ourselves a Rhodes scholar here. I don't know how to tell you this, but you're a part of the IWC. Even WWE clearly acknowledges that we exist every Monday and Friday night, and yet you still deny reality? Oh my.
What a pile of crap. Reality? The reality is that pro wrestling like every other form of entertainment has many forums with many users.
Pro wrestling has for example this forum and people who are registered are IWC that's it.
IWC are people who have internet connection and discuss about it via a wrestlingforum.
WWE acknowledges every monday and friday what? That there are fans who can use a computer and have a Twitter and Tout account?

Now we have some idiots who believe IWC is some kind of unit, stable or cult who has their own standards what to like and what not. Everybody loves Dolph Ziggler, everybody hates John Cena.
Those people live in a dreamworld and they should stop embarass themselves with posts like "you are also a part of IWC"
Stop embarassing yourself, the only thing I have in common with other people here is that we all like wrestling and that we are all registered on a wrestlingforum.
Maybe we like the same wrestlers but the reason is not because we are part of some fictional community with fictional standards and rules.
People should stop with the crap because it make them look like someone with no friends who needs to come up with a fictional community to say that he is part of a group.

We have one thing in common but we are all different with different opinions

Once again, stop using the term IWC. It sucks
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Re: Hey IWC! You can't deny it!

Yugoslavians should stop making shit rants

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Re: Hey IWC! You can't deny it!

You get a red rep for showing me a pic of Amazing champs ugly face.

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Re: Hey IWC! You can't deny it!

I Whine Constantly

says the funniest guy in the room.
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Re: Hey IWC! You can't deny it!

Whether you like it or not OP. You ARE part of the IWC. It's not a unit or cult like you make it out to be. It's simply a reference to wrestling fans who use the internet to discuss wrestling. I = Internet, W = Wrestling and C = Community. You use the internet, you discuss wrestling and you have an account on a forum, you're part of the forum's community.

Besides it's not a bad thing really. Some people use the term IWC to refer to a group of people who believe the same opinion. E.G The IWC loves Ziggler. But ultimately it's just a name to describe a wrestling forum's posters.

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Re: Hey IWC! You can't deny it!

But you are part of the IWC

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Re: Hey IWC! You can't deny it!

IWC baby. Wait a minute here...got an idea.
Lemme break it down for you OP. There are trends both around WF and the greater IWC. People are just pointing out the trends. Stop being such a pussy about it!

P.S. I don't even really know who Dean Ambrose is, but I know the IWC loves him!



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Re: Hey IWC! You can't deny it!

Stupid term is stupid, shit rant is shit.

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What's with the pictures?

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Re: Hey IWC! You can't deny it!

A pitcure off the OffTheRopesShow should have been put in there.

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