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Re: So, Apple...

Originally Posted by Ziggler Mark View Post
And to be quite honest, if you're not stealing or doing anything underhanded to get a leg up on your competition in today's corporate landscape, then you're doin it wrong. Sure those things all may have *existed* before Apple released the iPhone, but look at how many different ideas they took and implemented on ONE DEVICE. They were the first to implement every single one of those pieces of technology onto one device, so you wouldnt have to choose whether you wanted Siri, or a touch screen. When you take a product and tailor it to be as convenient as possible, you will sell tons of them. And when you sell tons of an item, you become successful. When you become successful, people hate you.
Read up on the LG Prada. It's funny to see Apple claim people ripping off their design with the iPhone was just as much a rip off of the Prada as any of Samsung's phones.
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Re: So, Apple...

Originally Posted by Ziggler Mark View Post
While Apple doesnt make the BEST product out there, it's still a preferred choice among people who are looking for an incredibly user-friendly, low-tech interface. And I dont think it's really fair to believe a graphic made by, of all places, 9GAG without some evidence to the truth of those statements.

I'm incredibly pro-android, and pro-windows/linux, but it really seems that this vitriol towards apple by the general public is largely unfounded. Do hipsters use apple products, and are hipsters a scourge of our society? Absolutely...but thats not got anything to do with apple. Hate the hipsters, not the brilliant product they are using.
Well, obviously, 9gag gets a lot of unjustified hate as well, for example. What can we do about that? Not much. The hate has some "justifiable" base reason for it existing, but the hate always outgrows that reason and continues to exist for completely non-existent or unexplained reasons.
After all, again, the reason I posted this here was to see whether what is depicted in the picture is true. Maybe I should have went to the tech subforum, hm.

Originally Posted by Elstro1988 View Post
Really, really enjoyed this week's Superstars. Honestly, the fans who are too snobbish to watch it, dismissing it as 'Jobberstars' really miss out.
Originally Posted by -Extra- View Post
This post really makes you too smart for a '12er, doesn't it? Your new join date is 2008.
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