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I own lots of Apple products and I'm very satisfied. 19 73.08%
I don't have enough money to buy Apple products. 4 15.38%
I am sick of my cheap Android phone but I can't afford an iPhone. 0 0%
I can't take this windows shit anymore and I want a Mac. 3 11.54%
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Re: Are people who hate Apple just poor?

i'm happy with my iphone, also happy with my laptop which is a windows. idrc what i have as long as it works well.
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Re: Are people who hate Apple just poor?


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Re: Are people who hate Apple just poor?

Originally Posted by Froot View Post
Kinda sorta unrelated, but was reading the Encyclopedia Dramatica article on Apple, and got a good laugh out of this:

"Things you'll never see a Mac do.

Be inexpensive.
Have ads that aren't annoying or insulting.
Have users who aren't uptight douchebags.
Have programs that "Just Work."
Play any game besides BOLO and Chess. Chess doesn't count bitches.
Last for even a week without requiring extensive repair.
Update existing software (because there never was any to begin with).
Load accounts.
Load websites.
Take less than 100 years to get online.
Stay online for more than .0003 nanoseconds.
Load files.
Run for a minute without overheating.
Be plugged in without blowing every fuse in your house.
Do anything even remotely resembling the normal functions of a computer.
Be able to function as anything except a clunky, hideously ugly, $3,000 paperweight.
Think of something you want it to do, then substitute here.
Become heterosexual, there's no chance of this happening.
Have repairs that cost under $100
Have owners who know how to turn it on and off without being told how to do so
Close a program with one button"
Whoever wrote that is a fucking moron. Most of the points are hilariously ignorant. Clunky? Overheats? Unreliable? Unable to load files? Unable to stay online? Embarrassing.

I'd rather use Linux than Windows.

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Re: Are people who hate Apple just poor?

I'm happy with my Windows 7 phone. When I get Surface and Windows 8 I'll be even happier.
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Re: Are people who hate Apple just poor?

I own a MacBook Pro, an Ipod, and an Ipad. All of them were bought for me not by me and the only one I would purchase with my own money is an Ipod because I like them much better than other music players. Apple has good products and I love my MacBook Pro, but when it comes down to me buying another laptop I'm going with a PC as Macs are too fucking expensive and buying one isn't justifiable for me. Oh, Ipads are pretty fucking useless... at least in my experience.

A lot of Apple owners have this false sense of superiority that is completely laughable, evidence from one of my classes last year:

Person 1 - "Macs are better"
Person 2 - "I like PCs"
Person 1 - "Well, have you ever been on a Mac?"
Person 2 - "Yes, but I still like PCs better"
Person 1 - "Have you ever owned a Mac?"
Person 2 - "No"
Person 1 - "Exactly"

"Everything anybody ever valued or struggled for... it's all a monstrous, demented gag! So why can't you see the funny side? Why aren't you laughing?"
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Re: Are people who hate Apple just poor?

Windows is far more versatile with a much better price range than Mac IMO.

I don't mind paying what I paid for my iphone, it's worth it to me. The prices on some of their other products are hilarious though. $50 for an ipad case? That's robbery in this economy.

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Re: Are people who hate Apple just poor?

The whole point of apple as a brand is showing people you have money. I hate apple users more than the products though, elitist douche bags.

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Re: Are people who hate Apple just poor?

Going by the poll, this thread is not a discussion on which is better in which way but merely an opinion of the poster. To each their own.

P.S: Before you start going about me being a poor guy who cannot afford an apple product, I own an iPhone, iPod, Windows PC and iPad but i won't go as far as you to say they are the best or those who do not own Apple products are poor. It is a merely a matter of personal choice.

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Re: Are people who hate Apple just poor?

IE may suck but it looks good compared to safari. No right click, which means you have to spend extra on another mouse. Also, no FRUs.
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No, but to me Apple is useless. Why spent so much money on a Macbook when I can get a Dell or a Compaq.

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