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Looks Don't Matter

Is really something that only ugly people say.

Looks matter in every situation. Whether it be having a professional looking business office, shinny clean car or great body. Just like nobody wants to chow down on disgusting looking and smelly food that has horrible presentation and portion sizes in a restaurant, they don't want anything to do with ugly people. Unless they are ugly themselves but to say that "looks don't matter" really is just what ugly people say.

There is a reason why good looking people end up with good looking people. They know the truth that it's BOTH personality and looks that are important.

Whenever somebody pin points somebody for being good looking I guess the only way to let out their jealously is by saying the person is either fake, stupid, boring or whatever other method makes you feel them feel better but the funny part is they'll continue to have a good life with their money, good looking friends and success while the ugly person sits and makes up excuses for why they aren't on the same level.

Are there some good looking people that are ugly on the inside? Sure. But are there ugly looking people who are also ugly on the inside? You bet. So stop arguing and accusing good looking people for something that MAY or MAY NOT be true. Instead look yourself in the mirror and realize what is true. You ARE ugly. And if you can't find a means, confidence, willpower or reason to fix it then you probably are the worst of the worst. Ugly in and out. Don't blame others for the things you wish you didn't have.

Stop sugar coating the truth. If somebody doesn't want to date you because you're fat, you're too skinny, you're too short, you're too tall, you're too hairy, you're bald or whatever reason just deal with it.
People like what they like. Don't get pissed at us just because we are good looking.

Burnt Out
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Re: Looks Don't Matter


VIKRAM Man U, Bengaluru, India, 42 minutes ago

Oh my god newcastle people have such bad reputation in India . Vikram remembers when newcastle man ATTACK horse after game because he angry and drunk now I read daily mail today and see fight and violence in newcastle and one picture shows man wanting to fight horse. I don't know Newcastle apart from football team but they get reputation of animal attacker here
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Re: Looks Don't Matter

Something tells me OP is a DUF.

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Re: Looks Don't Matter

what made you post this?

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Re: Looks Don't Matter

I just have one question. What the hell is shinny?
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Re: Looks Don't Matter

If looks matter, why are you a fan of Samoa Joe? HUH?????

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Re: Looks Don't Matter

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Re: Looks Don't Matter

Bet you anything OP is ugly.

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Re: Looks Don't Matter

I was just about to say that. Lol.

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Re: Looks Don't Matter

Maybe OP is ugly, maybe not. Everything he said is right though.

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