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Re: Fact VS Opinion

Yes I do get what you are saying but with the amount of new members who come here daily what you want is almost impossible to get.

Many people on this site just won't ever know the difference. The ones who use common sense will though.

Originally Posted by Mr. Snrub View Post
please stop making threads.
Please start using capital letters.
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Re: Fact VS Opinion

another quality (read: shit) thread from the retard in the OP...
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Re: Fact VS Opinion

Originally Posted by YESYESYES View Post
I'm a pretty cool, calm and collected fellow 99 percent of the time.
I'm usually the voice of reason amongst my friends, I'm usually the one they talk to when they need to vent and get shit off their chest.
My first three rants have been me collecting information from other members like some kind of science experiment. Nothing that happens on this forum has me shaking my fist at the screen in a fit of anger like I imagine some of the more colourful members of this forum do.
One thing that irritates me though are those people who confuse fact with opinion.
I sometimes wonder if people even know the difference.
Allow me to indulge you for a second.
I will use wrestling as an example.
Fact: John Cena has won more championships than Randy Orton.
Opinion: John Cena is better than Randy Orton.
See? fact is something that cannot be denied. Opinion is something that can be argued/ is subjective.
I'm a Daniel Bryan mark and I firmly believe that he is the best technical wrestler in the WWE today.
As much as I like to believe it is so, it is really just my opinion. If someone believes CM Punk or (gasp) John Cena is a better in ring technician, who am I to argue?
I've seen so many thought provoking threads that have potential for good discussion degenerate into a mindless shitfest due to some ridiculous argument that just goes round in circles because both are too heavily invested in what they have to say to even listen to the other person, and will shove their shitty opinion down everyone's throat AS FACT.
Of course this isn't unique to this forum, it happens on any message board that you care to name.

That's the end of my shitty rant, it may have sucked but at least there was no mention of masturbation this time.
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Re: Fact VS Opinion

There are always going to be imbeciles that think their opinions deserve credence despite the fact that they are patently wrong. Generally speaking, people or even citizenships as a whole are not educated on the difference between beliefs and thoughts. A belief is defined as confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof while a thought is a product of mental activity or a consideration/reflection. Beliefs are cemented as factual in the minds of those who hold them and fall into two different realms; quantifiable and non-quantifiable.

A quantifiable belief consists of beliefs that can be proven false whether it be through future revelations, but there is no real objective evidence that points to it as being inevitably true. Take for example the beliefs "I believe that Wade Barrett is a future world Champion," "I believe that the Yankees will win the World Series this year," or "I believe that the earth is flat and is only 10,000 years old." The beliefs that the Wade Barrett or the Yankees will win their respective championships are circumstantial hypotheses that will prove to be true or false at a later date, but cannot yet be quantified and are currently considered fallible. But people holding these beliefs will continue to hold them until they are proven to be true or false. The beliefs that the earth is flat and is only 10,000 years old are false beliefs, but people continue to believe them despite the fact that they have been proven false. We could go into reasons as to why people have quantifiable beliefs i.e. Pascal's gambit, but that would really blow up into a much larger post.

Non-quantifiable beliefs are infallible beliefs and are based on subjective opinions. They cannot be proven false or true and are generally ongoing. It's normally easier to sway people from non-quantifiable beliefs than it is quantifiable ones barring that their quantifiable beliefs aren't proven false. The belief that John Cena is the best wrestler in the world is easily swayed should an individual see a different wrestler that they like better. A person could be easily swayed from one politician to the next should the next politician offer more ideas that the person likes. A person could be easily swayed from being a Islanders fan because the Islanders suck.

In other words op, show somebody footage of the wrestler that you believe is the best wrestler in the world and maybe they'll be swayed by your evidence. If they don't, you have three different options: Dealing with it, telling them to go pound sand, or you could just go pound sand yourself. Most people on this forum choose to tell people to go pound sand and complete and utter idiocy ensues. I will direct you to section one of the article "How to Win Any Argument on the Internet" from somethingawful.com:

1) NEVER DEFEND YOUR OWN POINTS. Don't forget this monumental Internet argument cornerstone even if you fall down a well and get amnesia and learn you're pregnant with your mother's son's evil twin. Never, under any circumstance, attempt to defend what you've said; just attack the other person's argument over and over and over until one of you dies of old age or some legislative branch agrees to shut down the Internet forever. Defending yourself or your argument is a weak act of desperation which informs your enemy that you're completely open to attack. The grizzled Internet debater will never address the validity of their previous claims, instead opting to forge ahead and stay on the offensive despite any erroneous or outright false statements they said in the past, effectively keeping the enemy on their toes. You should view Internet arguments as a really crummy fighting game: only the utter idiots bother pressing the "block / defend" button. While your enemy cowers in a corner with their arms raised above their face to futilely protect them, real men pull off complex 408-move combos that involve transforming into a fiery phoenix of doom and releasing unrelenting waves of liquid napalm Satan clown death upon them.


FLAME: hey fag i read ur article abotu ford cars and I just wanna let u know ur stupid and dont know nothing about cars cuz CHEVY IS THE BEST CAR MAKER IN THE WORLD!!!!

INCORRECT RESPONSE: No, I firmly believe what I wrote is correct, Ford automobiles have excelled in both price and safety over the past few years, which is why I feel they are the superior choice when purchasing a new car.
CORRECT RESPONSE: uhhhhhhh no, you're wrong and stupid and dumb and u dont know what ur talking about so maybe u should get off the internet and instead go kiss a elf cuz ur dumb as a fool!!!
On a completely unrelated note, paragraphs and the enter key serve a purpose. Please educate yourself on what this purpose is. Oh, and since I'm supposed to post something comical:

The "Something Awful" article can be found here.

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Re: Fact VS Opinion

People like to believe their opinions are correct(facts). Human nature.
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Re: Fact VS Opinion

Originally Posted by WillMark4NewJack View Post
Daniel Bryan is a vanilla midget. Fact or Opinion
FACT: D-Bry 'bout to win dat gold tomorrow, dawg!!


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Re: Fact VS Opinion

Originally Posted by The Redeemer View Post
FACT: D-Bry 'bout to win dat gold tomorrow, dawg!!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

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