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Re: Favorite Forum poster.

My favorite poster is James Curran
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Re: Favorite Forum poster.

Originally Posted by Chicago Warrior View Post
DesolationRow and Segunda Caida (although he doesn't post as much anymore). These two guys probably have the most reasonable posts you can read. Plus they aren't complete marks or fanboys. To me they are just pro-wrestling fans in general and give credit when it is due and give good unbiased criticism.
Segunda's been on holiday the last two weeks, hence why you won't have saw him post.


Oh answer to this question is Andy & McQueen.

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Re: Favorite Forum poster.


i like his optimism

also the way seph tells me to buy stuff

and mrmister, the way he's...... there

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Re: Favorite Forum poster.

There's a lot of people I think are good posters. In the WWE section it's probably Desolation Row, Starbuck or Evo from what I've seen, a lot of guys who post in the DVD thread are really good. Winning is a really good poster, and people like Cal, Word and Byre.

McQueen, for being the only person with sense enough to watch BSG . Seem to have similar taste in a lot of shit actually. Andy is the funniest poster I've seen even though he doesn't seem to post that much recently, Cat is also funny. Seabs is a great poster in the OW section, and for supplying me with tons of wrestling over the last few years .

Theres loads more people's posts I enjoy reading for different reasons, can't be arsed to name them all though lol.
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Re: Favorite Forum poster.

Ecabney, The Winning One, Heavenly Invader, The Redeemer, Evolution, and Brye. I'm probably forgetting some but oh well.
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Re: Favorite Forum poster.

Toooooo many people/sections to list but I'll do a list I guess given as this thread pops up every now and then and I can copy and paste this for later.

In the WWE section aside from the obvious DesoRow, I have really started enjoying Starbuck's posting and know that he'll be up for great discussion at any time if you're willing to put the effort in, Winning One, Brye, Segunda Caida or however you spell their name and TankofRate also are up there.

The chatbox peeps I like would be like Rush, Kiz, Wagg is getting there, DUBCUNT, scrilla, CP, that Wesson ...... and Josh.

Headliner is a jobber and the worst poster on the forum.

My favourite new poster is 8 Pound Gecko and I'm expecting good things from him (I'm predicting 12'er of the year already) and ZigglerMark has jumped out at me recently too.

As for my overall favourite poster on the site, gotta' go with Shepard.

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Re: Favorite Forum poster.

Froot. He knows 1005 holds.
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Re: Favorite Forum poster.

Josh. He is my best friend.

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Re: Favorite Forum poster.

Shit, nobody is mentioning Hiplop.

KARLA LOPEZ, THE HOTTEST MODEL/ACTRESS ALIVE. Sheamus, Swagger, Wade, Dixie, Cesaro, Sami, DB, RKO, Drew, Del Rio, Cody, Punk, AJ LEE, Athena, Jasmin Areebi, Becky / (SIG CRED: Abrown/A$AP/Sol Katti) CHAMPviaDQ = Great GFX.
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Re: Favorite Forum poster.

Swagger Rocks as well; only because I just found out he is a registered sex offender though.
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