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Re: Favorite Forum poster.

goon is my protege

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Re: Favorite Forum poster.

i'm my favourite poster

+ AMP, role model, i$e and those other GOATs who no longer post.
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Re: Favorite Forum poster.

Originally Posted by The Winning One™ View Post
You're one of my favorite posters in RANTS if that helps.

And no, I'm not sucking up so I can get a big portion of your fortune....

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Re: Favorite Forum poster.

Maybe it's for nostalgia's sake, but I remember liking Alcoholic,Craig,Superbrawl,Mr. Monty, AMP(even if he was a Liddell nuthugger).

I only notice the posters in the MMA/Entertainment thread and chatbox.

MMA thread - Mcqueen(rarely), WALLS (you just need to get off Sonnen's dick), RUSH, dolphsziggler, BOSS.

Entertainment - BUBZ, Henry Hill, Sephiroth,TKOK,Mcqueen,LC,Haribo,SCJ.

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Re: Favorite Forum poster.

LC and McQueen mainly.

Faraday, WCW, JM, UDFK, Notorious, redeadening, Andy3000/MWP, and other NFL guys I'm forgetting (Father Flex, WWF, etc). Don Draper and Rawlin were great too but they're gone it seems. Oh yeah and Rockhead.
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Re: Favorite Forum poster.

Didn't Draper get banned?

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Re: Favorite Forum poster.

Can't imagine why. But it's possible.
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Re: Favorite Forum poster.

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Re: Favorite Forum poster.

1) Me...

2) ... everyone else.


Seriously though, it's tough, but here would be my top posters.

1) DesolationRow
-Awesome poster, probably the most objective person in the WWE forum (though he's not perfect ). But yeah, whenever I see that he posted in a thread I know I'm in for a treat. Best poster.

2) TankofRate
-...does this person not post in the WWE section anymore, or do I constantly miss his/her posts? In any event, TankofRate is definitely second behind DesolationRow as far as objectivity goes from what I remember of their posts. Much like Deso, always enjoyed reading this one's posts.

3) The Winning One
-Excellent poster who brings some logic against all the Punk hate. But his posts are always a great read and I find myself agreeing with him more than most if not all.

4) KingCal
-Excellent poster, another one I usually find myself always agreeing with. Especially when it comes to ratings.

5) Clique
-Read what I said about Cal

6) Brye
-Read above

7) Tyrion Lannister (Pyro)
-He has by far the most entertaining posts in the WWE section. If I agree with them, then awesome, and I think I agree with him more than most others (if any others agree with him ever, lol). I think though he does make some valid, if not at times obnoxious points, and I certainly think his pessimism, while gold, is sometimes a bit depressing as it can be true. I also don't get his love for Del Rio <_< But overall an entertaining poster.

8) Starbuck
-Have a lot of history with him in arguments/trollfests/whatever. Love his sarcastic posts for lols, as well as his long posts for insight. Even if I don't agree with him on everything... and I don't (mainly HHH stuff ), he deserves credit as one of my favorite posters in the WWE section.

9) Rock316AE
-If you asked me at the beginning of this year if I'd put him on my list of favorite WWE posters, I'd tell you no way. However, I've sorta "warmed up" to him. I mean when he's not talking about how Rock is the GOAT or how Punk is a vanilla indy midget who fails at life, he's actually a very good, reasonable poster (though I have seen a bit of unfair Bryan hate as of recent). And hey, even when I don't agree with what he says about Rock and Punk, he definitely entertains me with his posts and isn't so black and white as to just say "PUNK SUX" or "ROCK=GOAT"... he actually posts thought out bias farces as to why they are such. So yeah, usually enjoy reading his posts one way or the other.

10) The Pied Piper/Robertdeniro
-They're awesome. They make me feel like a very unbiased Taker mark with my posts. Robertdeniro more so (sorry buddy ). But hey, he did get me my last two gifs I requested, and has introduced me to a lot of Taker promos I forgot about/couldn't find online. But yeah, I do enjoy their posts on Taker, mainly because I mostly agree with them But they're good posters who are nicer ones in the WWE section for what I can see. I couldn't really put one above the other.

Edit: Mr. Snrub is above God, so it wouldn't be fair to judge him with the rest of the posters on this site (not to mention not sure if I've ever seen him post in the WWE section, which is what I'm going off of ).

Edit: Also wanna give an honorable mention to Chicago Warrior, since not sure if he's been mentioned yet in this thread.

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Re: Favorite Forum poster.

Myself.. nah im not that good ha
King Cal

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