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Re: Shock

As if the stupid collective members of WF get to pick and choose who resides above them.

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Re: Shock

I think he is a Swagger fan, so I think he should be super mod tbh.

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Re: Shock

My least favorite WWE section mod


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Re: Shock

You never know, Redeemer.
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Re: Shock

Originally Posted by KingCal View Post
Which one is he again?
A WWE moderator. The TNA moderator.
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Re: Shock

Is Shock that one who proved that he can not read in the JBL thread?
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Re: Shock

Shock? what can I say about the man? shockingly gay? shockingly strict? shockingly nazi? shockingly bad?

first of all he shouldn't be a mod. his two infractions he sent me were removed cuz they were obv bullshit. he banned me and it got reduced because it too was bullshit. he locks threads for no reason other than to flex his newfound 14 year old muscles. he's the sole reason i stopped posting in the WWE section and TNA section too for the most part. Amber and BULK were fine TNA mods. never got butthurt over people making jokes in pointless threads i.e. THE POPE having a cameo in batman or people not worshipping TNA in every post. really was the pope thread really so relevant that my Sting joke wasn't warranted? then he bans me for making another joke about TNA loving old stars i.e. Mark Mero and Sable. come on this is the promotion that brought us Jim Neidhart and Chyna in the last 5 years.

it's like Shock is one of those special ed. assistants in public schools that accompany all the retards around and protect them from the criticism of normal people and also make sure they don't harm themselves. he and Tony316 were made for eachother.

despite proving be a horrible mod in the TNA section he somehow became a mod in the WWE section where he also closed my perfectly valid thread about a month ago which is why I've pretty much stopped posting there. but threads like JOHN CENA SUX version 9000000000!!! and CM PUNK CANT DRAW version 129909899 stay ten. he's a fucking tool.

dude clearly has some strange fascination with shitt things. he's a TNA fan (lol), a Tito Ortiz fan (double lol) and worst of all a bandwagon packers fan. which isn't all that surprising since he's a fudgepacker himself. his entire gene pool is polluted given his relation to Jon Power who is also confirmed to be Craig Klebold's cousin. he lets Jon Power use his account (possibly regularly) which is also bullshit. for all i know Shock is a good guy and Jon Power is just on his account all the time, but that's unlikely. i think he's just a twat and should go back to modding the fantasy booking section and leave the rasslin sections up to the big boys like Clique, Evo and Brye who don't get butthurt over any comment that isn't praising the Attitude Era or TNA.

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Re: Shock

does he really let jon power use his account?

man, jon power fucking sucked

guy was racist as hell too

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Re: Shock

How in the hell did this guy manage to get selected as a mod? He's terrible.
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Re: Shock

shock is also like 12 which means he joined the site when he was like 7 which has to be ban worthy. even the TNA lovers hate Shock. this is mindblowing.

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