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Facts + Opinions

First, I'd like to mention that I'm not a frequent poster, I'm more of a reader. Although I have posted quite a lot today, but that's because the fucking fire alarm was going off all night and I'm a bit of an insomniac. Anyway, the following rant, although short, concerns people being unable to decipher fact and opinion...

Honestly, do people not understand the difference between fact and opinion? One of the most frustrating things is when people state their opinion and regard it as fact. What is especially annoying is when people make claims and provide no evidence to validate them. This detriments discussion and debate. It becomes an argument, perhaps a personal argument. When someone treats their opinion as fact, and another disagrees with them, its likely they will react that its a personal insult against them, thus they are more likely to resort to personal insults to defend their viewpoint. This is the distinction between adults and children. Debates and discussion are for adults; arguments are for children. It seems like an injection of intelligence needs to be administered to the wrestling community.
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Re: Facts + Opinions

It pisses me off when I provide evidence to my claims and people act as if I made it up. Like when I said WWE referred to Ahmed Johnson as "People's Champion" before The Rock.

It's like some people on here believe there radical opinions so much, they assume it's fact but when confronted with true facts about the obsurd claims they have made, they blow it off as you making it up or an invalid piece of information. Even in the most minor of arguments, people here do that a lot.

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Re: Facts + Opinions

everything i type is fact. fact.

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Re: Facts + Opinions

Everything I say is true, and that's a fact.

Edit: fuck, too slow. Lol.
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Re: Facts + Opinions

this is the internet man it is a wonderful place where fact & opinion are the same thing

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Re: Facts + Opinions

Its one of the main reasons the WWE section on here is HATED by so many posters

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Re: Facts + Opinions

You know how I know what I say is true? Because I said it.

Seriously, I'm right there with you. It really irks me when we're having a debate on WF, especially in the rants section, and someone just spews information garbage with no source.

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Re: Facts + Opinions

"Generally speaking, a fact is something that has actually happened or that is empirically true and can be supported by evidence. An opinion is a belief; it is normally subjective, meaning that it can vary based on a person's perspective, emotions, or individual understanding of something. For example, biological differences between males and females are a fact, while a preference for one gender over the other is opinion"

Whats not to get?

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Re: Facts + Opinions

What is an opinion? I only have facts.
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Re: Facts + Opinions


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