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Entirely the Democrats fault 4 8.89%
Entirely the Republicans fault 13 28.89%
Both, slightly more Democrats fault 3 6.67%
Both, slightly more the Republicans fault 10 22.22%
Both parties fault virtually equally 15 33.33%
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Re: Democrats

Originally Posted by Jaksonian224 View Post
Wow this thread has gone all sorts to hell but I guess it is in rants. This post sort of brought it back. I don't know there is no point trying to argue with Snrub, Cat, Camoron or 777 though because they obviously are biased and completely on a LINK schooled me campaign of retaliation so strange.
Add Gecko to that list. It's a giant circle jerk between them right now. Wonder who'll win.

As far as Republicans being racist, Freeloader, I won't say(and neither did LINK really) they are entirely, but a lot of them are. What I mean is that the ones that head the party may not be, but like Christian beliefs somehow shove themselves in the Republican category despite logic, the racists stuff themselves in there as well. Then again LINK and I both went to the same college with the same profs. But I did grow up in a city and he grew up out in the boonies lol... So I know he had a lot more experience with racism.
He said it in the Republicans thread, not this one. My point was that both parties have racists, and the left loves to play the race card a lot more and make the right look like racists. sure I've seen many racists down south (family lives in Texas) but some in my family are democrats down there. It's not entirely "Republicans/racist Democrats/Love everyone" anywhere. The left changed tactics not too long ago to help minorities with entitlement programs (and illegal aliens) to give the impression they are more minority friendly. FDR's new deal specifically helped minorities. They're simply more vote hungry friendly, nothing more. Now, if the right is "racist" against anyone, it would probably be against atheists more than people of a different skin color. Being someone who leans right, and has a very staunch "Agnostic" stance, I've found myself in arguments with tons of people with similar political views, angry that I disagree with religion in the classroom. That's what kills the Republican party for me more than anything.

Also, America has sucked since JFK was shot and LBJ took over. It just goes through periods of economic growth that mask the hate and suck others have for us. Unfortunately, Bush invading Iraq brought all that out into the open.
There have always been crappy periods in America. The War of 1812 people said "Oh this country can't succeed, we're doomed, we should of let England rule us" - comments from Farmers living in Virginia, 1813. Then there was the Civil War of course - the country was doomed then. Then during Reconstruction for a bit, when the KKK emerged. Then when WWII started, then Vietnam, all people "Oh America is on the decline now....we're done" and it turns itself around. America was fine in the 80's til the mild recession. The 90's were pretty solid. Bush invading Iraq led to some not so great times, sure. Have we SUCKED? No, not at all. Burma, is a country that SUCKS. America - no.

I have to ask though and not to you because you seem to get it, why deny that America has done a lot for the world? That is definitely not nationalism or untrue, I mean it seems like an inferiority complex with other countries to me. Europe has also done a lot but after imperialist rule that spread to Australia and Canada slowed down because this funny thing happened in America called democracy.

I just do not get how a rant on Democrats turned into a hate America thread. Why hate anyone?
I defended America. I just did so again. Were you asking me or the group as a whole? There are a lot of Canadians here who might disagree, but they've been quiet.
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Re: Democrats

Originally Posted by 8 Pound Gecko View Post
Some of your cities look like something that came out of fuckin Fallout, you have entire city blocks looking like derelict warzones, you have more murders yearly then fuckin Sierra Leone and Uganda combined, you have a democracy consisting of two parties that are virtually identical, the social awareness of your society is on par with that in Sudan, you have no fuckin history or culture and will never grow it, in your top tier politics you have people that would be shunned as full on fuckin retards and Down syndrome victims in any other country with a fistful of brain cells, you still have serious arguments about national fuckin healthcare-> decades since every other civilized country in the world installed it, you have 400 people that own more wealth that over 150 million combined and yet you still have a large chunk of retards arguing that the problem are the "welfare queens", you got your entire country bankrupt chasing a guy hiding in a cave, the communists have you by the balls and are surpasing you in every way conceivable. You fuckin suck and are the shitstain upon this planet. Fuck you and fuck your fat retarded Ritalined children.





"I like to put on blindfolds, fuck a priest, and then guess which one in the room I boned out"

Was all I saw you post really. You'd be a better troll if you made some actual, I don't know, points, when you were trolling. That post was weak as shit, and clearly all nonsense. Communists haven't surpassed anything, but you probably like their policies to "lulz @ you" for that. Detroit being a shithole doesn't mean the entire country is one.

I still haven't heard you speak about your own country and talk about all the high quality things there. Why is that? Oh right -

It's amazing how someone with a brain starts posting, and everyone else runs like a bitch. Are you the Smokescreen to conceal their escape? Haha
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Re: Democrats

Originally Posted by Freeloader View Post
It's pure jealousy. Look at Snrub's comments - all one liners, drivel, and not a single coherent argument. All piss poor posts.
yeah it's called trolling. too bad you're too butthurt/FAT to realise it

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Re: Democrats


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Re: Democrats

Originally Posted by Camoron View Post
I have no idea what you are trying to say here, it's just an incoherent mess. Are you saying I'm biased? Did you even read any of my posts?
He obviously doesn't.

If LINK says something correct, I wont say it is incorrect just because I think he is a fucking stupid bitch.

If he says something I disagree with, and I think is not totally accurate, I am going to say so.

These other dumb sons of bitches just can't get the fuck off his micropenis so they assume whenever we say he is wrong, it is only because we don't think highly of him at the moment.

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