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Re: Republicans

Let's void the founding fathers talk and our opinions on where the country was intended to go for a second.

Does anyone even know what a Republican stands for? Small government, social restraints, laissez faire economy and nationalism. In no way shape or form should Christian be associated with Republican, yet somehow it is.

If you like being told you can't post anything you want on a forum, have no economical help and love worshiping symbols that is definitely Republican boiled down. Of course that has to be skewed to center for American politics and has to oppose being allowed to say anything at all on a forum, having some economical help and having a big government which would also be skewed to the center.

I mean whatever, the point is that Christianity and Republican are not synonymous and people in today's America think they are. That is the main concept the modern world needs to wake up to.

There are so many social stigma's that do not apply to Democrat or Republican. Yet people defend either side to the death. WHAT THE FUCK?
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Re: Republicans

Didn't Jesus give free healthcare?

But WAIT! We have Republican Jesus! "Sorry, you have a pre existing condition. I cannot restore your vision. Please come back later with an updated insurance card and $50,000."

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Re: Republicans

Originally Posted by Panther View Post
Honestly, I think we can do better than the Founding Fathers. They had good ideas and they had bad ideas.

The Separation of Church and State actually grants MORE religious liberties to believers across all boards. It prevents one religion from getting a leg up over others just because it has more followers. We live in a Democratic Republic where the rights of minorities are supposed to be protected. Religion is a private affair that doesn't belong in government and government does not belong in religion. It's not one or the other. Christians in America have it good. They just confuse not always getting their way with persecution.
Pffft, how delusional. They're persecuted by our secretly communist nazi muslim president, haven't you heard? :cody

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Re: Republicans

Originally Posted by 8 Pound Gecko View Post
goham, you were retarded enough with only one account. No need to go full retard. You should never go full retard.
Who the fuck is 'Goham'?

Considering that 'libtard' is originated from 'retard' I would suggest it isn't me who is 'retarded' my friend.

Again, you are brainwashed, as all liberals are.
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Re: Republicans

Originally Posted by King_Of_This_World View Post
Who the fuck is 'Goham'?

Considering that 'libtard' is originated from 'retard' I would suggest it isn't me who is 'retarded' my friend.

Again, you are brainwashed, as all liberals are.
Church time Jeb, better hurry. The pastor's cock ain't gonna lick itself.
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Re: Republicans

Originally Posted by LINK View Post
The worst examples of Republicans are Nixon and Reagan though. Nixon actually had a staff that endorsed 'diabolical schemes' to destroy the Democrats and a special project called Gemstones. Each gemstone such as Emerald, Ruby and Pearl had a different scheme. One of which turned out to be 'Watergate' another scheme though was to get the Democrats on a cruise ship and pay for whores to sleep with them and then tell their wives, to spark scandal during elections. Yet another was to sabotage the national headquarters in Arizona's air conditioning for the convention and 'sweat' the effects of the gathering out so to speak.
Oh gemstones. Richard Nixon was so screwed up in the head.

I bet Bush called his diabolical schemes by different Pokemon games in tribute. LOL
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Re: Republicans

Better yet, call them by the names of the Pokémon themselves. How less seriously would he have been taken had he announced Operation Jigglypuff? No less, because he's George Bush, but at least it's funny.
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