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Godfather- 04-27-2012 02:59 AM

Those random fuckers on Facebook.
Seriously, who the hell are they and what do they want? "omg lyk if u rememba dizz? :)) <3" I remember it, fagboy, but I sure as hell ain't liking your photo. Where do they even come from? Since pretty much February, everytime I log onto facebook someone has liked one of these photos and has clogged up my newsfeed with their bullshit. Diggy Simmons is the main offender. He posts the most obvious shit, he posted a photo of the cast of How I Met Your Mother and captioned it "lyk if u rememba dis? :))" OF COURSE I REMEMBER IT, MORON. I'm waging a war against these ......s.

After he replied he deleted all 500+ bullshit posts off his wall. After a couple of days though, he blocked me and then started back up again after he realised that I wasn't actually from Facebook. But honestly, who the fuck are they? What the hell is liking their photos going to accomplish? Why are they invading facebook with their nonsense? Gah, I hate people. I truly do. I've blocked so many people because they liked these retards posts that I have barely any friends now. Here is half my block list as of right now.

Okay, rant over, fellas. But seriously, these guys piss me off.

Redwood 04-27-2012 03:04 AM

Re: Those random fuckers on Facebook.
I don't get it also, but it seems to be a growing trend among Facebookers. You do know that "Diggy Simmons" is not actually Diggy Simmons, right?

Keyblade 04-27-2012 03:16 AM

Re: Those random fuckers on Facebook.
Time to revive Myspace.

Rush 04-27-2012 04:04 AM

Re: Those random fuckers on Facebook.
you don't have to block your friends to not see it when they like a page.

Bullseye 04-27-2012 04:08 AM

Re: Those random fuckers on Facebook.
I think you're just a sour Sally about receiving less likes

SHINSUKLEE 04-27-2012 05:29 AM

Re: Those random fuckers on Facebook.

Are you guys friends with people on Facebook that you aren't actually friends with in real life? Serious question, caause if you are I dont get it and what the fuck are you doing????

cesaro_ROCKS 04-27-2012 07:26 AM

Re: Those random fuckers on Facebook.
You can adjust your News Feed settings to only show certain things. It's about as easy as making a Rant.

ice_edge 04-27-2012 09:26 AM

Re: Those random fuckers on Facebook.
Facebook..what is it good for? 8*D

Hey GOON it's time for dinner :yum:.

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