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Rant: Congress sticking their nose in sports

By far, one of the most irritating aspects of Congress (and there are many) is their apparent "need" to stick their nose into the world of sports. The entire steroid era in baseball had them questioning people. The Patriots "spygate" scandal had senators "Hey, this isn't right" and the recent Bountygate has various figures "Hey, we need to take action here guys! The people are depending on us!"



Fucking Dick Durbin lives up to his first name like a champ. A avid supported of the Fairness Doctrine (that pussy measure the left uses because the left sucks at talk radio) this venetian sperm merchant feels it is the job of Congress to handle issues regarding the NFL. Really Dick? Funny, because I have more faith in Roger Goodell to handle a crisis in his designated territory than I do you goons every day of the week. Sports and the athletes who participate in them should not be immune to the laws of the country, but there is a Commissioner for each league, and they handle their business. They do not need additional "help' from people who are viewed by their fellow countryman about as favorably as a Hitler statue would be in downtown Jerusalem. Shouldn't the Senate and House be more concerned with you know - the fucking economy? The giant corporate tax that sends business overseas to India? The complete mess that is the southern border with chaos and bullets flying from Mexico into the United States and hitting people (sadly not made up:http://www.myfoxchicago.com/dpps/new...20221_18137113. No instead you and the collection of cretins, vampires, and bumbling shit biscuits that make up Congress were more concerned with the 7mph increase on Roger Clemens split finger fastball. Give me a fucking break.

Congress does not belong anywhere near sports unless you see them out there with golf clubs attacking one another. And even in that instance they probably don't belong there, because if that was going on during an actual game of golf, it might make me watch golf.


Worse than going communist I guess. Even the IRS has you beat.
Get your shit together, stop bickering, stop worrying about sports, and makes some common sense decisions.

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Re: Rant: Congress sticking their nose in sports

I am kind of on the fence with this, one one hand mind your own FN business, this is sports and you have way more important things to worry about, but on the other hand (talking baseball) if Owners and Selig HAD actually policed themselves as opposed to looking the other way when it came to steroids Congress wuold not ahve ahd to get involed, not that the HAD to mind you. For the most aprt I would like them to stay the fuck away from sports, so long as said sports can police themselves.

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Re: Rant: Congress sticking their nose in sports

Hey goon. Go on ahead amuse me. Solve this *censored* for me.
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Re: Rant: Congress sticking their nose in sports

your sports suck anyway

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