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View Poll Results: who should win?
Headliner 52 51.49%
Ghetto Anthony 33 32.67%
STUFF 27 26.73%
McQueen 55 54.46%
Rock316AE 32 31.68%
bboy 53 52.48%
EPL Thread (Kiz,Rush,Shep) 41 40.59%
NFL Thread (mrmr,JM,IMPULSE) 38 37.62%
DubC 41 40.59%
Josh 31 30.69%
WAGG 18 17.82%
BULK 59 58.42%
scrilla and GOON 69 68.32%
P.Smith, theproof, guru of wrestling (aka i'm a fag option) 10 9.90%
Nitemare 47 46.53%
Cerbs 24 23.76%
Catalanotto 48 47.52%
Walls 32 31.68%
JUPES 56 55.45%
Dark Church 16 15.84%
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Miami, FL
March 31, 2012

Throughout black history there have been many famous rivalries. Tyson vs. Holyfield, Ali vs. Frazier, Biggie vs. Tupac, Kobe vs. Shaq, and D'Lo vs. Mark Henry. This match looks to top all of them though. Headliner vs. Ghetto Anthony in a Compton Street Fight. This match is sure to have more weapons than a CZW match. GA claims that Headliner has been holding him at the bottom of the card for years. Headliner on the other hand has remained as corporate as possible and no sold all of GA's hoodrat shit. Headliner won't be able to avoid GA on this day though as the men will go head to head. Does GA have what it takes to overcome the system? Will Headliner prevail and prove that GA belongs on the bottom of the card? Find out at RANTSAMANIA IV.

The reigning champion, McQueen, takes on STUFF in the ultimate popularity contest. Last year, STUFF created a thread asking if he was the greatest poster of all time. The response was an overwhelming yes by the majority of posters. However McQueen took the favorite overall member award for an unprecedented second year in a row. These two universally loved titans faced a fair share of heartbreak this year too, as McQueen's true soulmate LipsLikeMorphine (THEY BOTH RATED FOLEY/TAKER HIAC THE SAME!!!!) and STUFF's biggest groupie both turned out to be fakes. Still these men were big enough to overcome these L's and face off at RANTSAMANIA IV to find out who is quite possibly the greatest poster of all time. Can STUFF end THE STREAK?

Mark of the century or troll of the century? Much like their idols are scheduled to do battle on Sunday, these two trolls will meet at RANTSAMANIA IV to end this rivalry once and for all. bboy lives by the code of hustle, loyalty and respect, while Rock316AE lives by the code of Meltzer, ratings and strudel or #MRS. Each man has a legion of loyal followers. Cenation and Team Bring It do battle right here in Rants. Which side will you choose? Btw, #MRS, trending worldwide.

The age old question is it soccer or football? Most people in the NFL thread will tell you it's soccer, while those in the EPL thread will tell you it's football and laugh at the silly handegg fans. Whatever you may call it, top posters (that I've heard of) in each thread will do battle for their respective sports. Newly added special guest referee will be BOSS, a fan of both forms of football, due to DH dropping out of their match due to work visa issues. Will BOSS screwover the EPL thread like a true American should? Or will TEAM NFL aka TEAM STEELERS take a major L for American pro sports fans across the forum?

DubC aka LA's biggest thug, known to spit in your big mac and piss in your shamrock shake, takes on Josh. Originally Dub didn't want to take the match with Josh. As a part of my corporate staff (by the way thanks for the banners bro) Dub didn't feel it would be appropriate to step into the ring at RANTSAMANIA IV. However these comments by Josh, "look at this coward, you little bitch. someone ban this punk from the forum," pushed DumbCunt, as Josh refers to him, over the edge and much like Triple H, he booked himself in a Hell in a Cell PRISON match. If anyone knows anything about prison it's Dub "BOOTY WARRIOR" C. Blood will surely be spilled in this one. Dub threatened to end Josh's career in this match like he ended Juanita's career at the yellow M after refusing to go on a date with him.

This war has been waging or wagging for many months. Ever since the moment WAGG joined the forum he aspired to be a moderator. His jealousy of BKB HULK (RIP?) consumed him on a daily basis. He would make horrible post upon horrible post hoping to catch Headliner's eye and someday dethrone BULK. However WAGG's world was turned upside down after he received multiple infractions, effectively ending his run at moderator. Still the creepy pedofile may have extracted revenge on BULK for crushing his future as a WF Admin as BULK has been missing for many weeks now. Considering WAGG's complexion and general creepiness he has to be the number one suspect in BULK's murder. The jury is still out on this one.

In this match two very hated members will do battle. You haven't heard of these guys? Are you new son? Actually consider yourself lucky if you haven't heard of these weirdos. Between Nitemare sending a picture of his tiny asian mushroom to Sailor Moon Skittle and Cerbs stroking ~Fallen Angel~'s tiny mushroom these guys are two of the biggest freaks in forum history. But the question must be asked, who is hated more? Will Cerbs be a chink in Nitemare's armor?

In a last minute match added due to DH's visa issues, Cat will square off against her long time nemesis WALLS. This feud has been going on for quite some time, possibly years. To be honest I have absolutely no idea what the feud stems from. Walls seems to think Cat is sexually frustrated with her asian husband. Cat seems to think Walls is a fucking bitter arthritic obsessed stalker with jungle fever. Again, I have no idea what the story behind this feud is, but I know the fans want to see this shit and Magic might possibly want to do a run in. Personally I bought my Cat jersey last night. This must be settled once and for all at RANTSAMANIA IV.

I won't say too much about this match for legal reasons. Jupes is out for revenge against the man responsible for ending his WF career. It's sure to be a special one.

again special thanks to Dub for the banners. GOON for the help. rants for creating great feuds. also if you were on the undercard you got left off, jobber. sorry creative has nothing for you. also Taylor sorry you didn't make the card bro, but you're going to be at WrestleMania so technically you beat all of us.

also yeah vote for who you think should win. if you want you can vote for both or neither, but that's pussy shit imo.

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Amazing work.

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wow great job with this Scrilla!

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These are really awesome banners for the competition.

Credit to CJ for the signature.

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lost it at karl lopez

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Dub made all the banners. I was just behind them creatively. besides dub vs. josh that was all him

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Great job Dub. Those banners are awesome.

at GA

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3rd Year in a Row man, 3rd. Ever since MrMonty has been gone.

This is so awesome though.

I forgot to vote Cerbs vs Nitemare though.

Last edited by McQueen; 03-31-2012 at 01:19 AM.
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Banners look outstanding. Great work Dub and scrilla. This is the first time this has ever looked like it should. Kudos scrilla, GOON, and Dub.
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its hilarious seeing them together

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