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Re: Tyrone Lanister

Originally Posted by Pop Tatari View Post
No offense but

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Is Bertstarin you
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Re: Tyrone Lanister

Originally Posted by Normand Huxameyer View Post
listen here, fucker. every time one of your goons comes into one of my threads, they tear it down. well i wont have it any longer. im not fuckin around here anymore. from this moment on, im gunna make you my bitch. you will remember the name normand huxameyer. it will be embedded in your fucking skull. when you go to sleep at night, right before your nightly routine of jacking off to recent pictures of betty white, you will pray to the lord for my forgiveness. a forgiveness that doesnt exsist. and on another note, if you ever bring up my past with corpus christi police department ever again, i will make it my lifes mission to fuck every female in your family in the face. i was fucking bitches while you were sucking tootsipops you son of a bitch. its over for you. im kind of like chris jericho because this is the end of the world as you know it. only difference is, chris jericho didnt sneak into your house and burn that motherfucker to the ground. see you at the crossroads, fucker.
This happened.

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Re: Tyrone Lanister

Originally Posted by R.K.O Peep View Post
No offense but

lol its all right
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Re: Tyrone Lanister

12'er of the year already.
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Re: Tyrone Lanister


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Re: Tyrone Lanister

OP, it's so easy to troll Tyrion. Whenever he says something bad about some good wrestlers, just quote him and write "Alberto Del Rio, Wade Barrett and/or The Miz". I do it all the time.
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Re: Tyrone Lanister

I thought you need 50 posts to get into rants?
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Re: Tyrone Lanister

Ugh least you could do is spell his name right. How often does this rant come up?

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Re: Tyrone Lanister

beautiful first post.

People Who Are Good:
Donald J. Trump
Marine Le Pen
Nigel Farage
Vladimir Putin
Thomas Brady
Shinsuke Nakamura
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Re: Tyrone Lanister

Originally Posted by P.Smith View Post
Leave the autistic child alone.
You admitting it then?

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