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Arrow Cerbs nervous breakdown thread

Every time I come to this place, it gets more and more stupid.

There's dudes running around everywhere pretending to be girls, ugly girls pretending to be their friends on Facebook, fucking morons who hit on the former types and laugh hysterically months later when they are exposed, people calling eachother cunts and fags because of their opinions on half naked wrestlers, dorks asking for relationship advice, sickly anorexic Australian boys who think anyone here believes they're a playa, absolute SHIT moderators who only police what they want to or when one of their friends are offended... and people wonder why I have nothing but bad things to say about everyone here lately. This place is a fucking circus.

You want specifics? Sure...

I get banned recently for insulting UnDefeaTeDCunt or whatever his name is now because I said that I hope he witnessed his family members die of cancer. The same user who said only a few minutes before that he thought people dying of cancer was a good thing for humanity, and even told another member that he didn't give a shit if their family member died of cancer. Now why would a staff member even give a shit that he reported my post and decide to ban me and not him? Oh, it all made sense when I returned from my ban and saw that UDK is now a staff member too.... OMG IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!!!!!!

Well, since we're getting everything out in the open and our true feelings about dead people won't get you banned (only wishing death upon people who don't post here)... let me just say that I think it's hilarious bruteshot is dead. Fuck him. I didn't know him, and I don't give a rat's ass. Doesn't affect me one bit. The world is over-populated anyways, and the -1 of his death will help us all in the long run. No sense in wasting time trying to find a cure for getting crushed by big fucking metal objects.

Oh I'm sorry, did that last little bit upset some people here? NEWSFLASH: I'm crying a river and it's flooding over into the rotten sewer he was crushed in, big woop. Do I get to be a staff member now???? People saying I should be less of an asshole around here should practice what they fucking preach.

What about rejoining? Isn't that still against the rules too? Pretty sure I publicly reported a former member known as TheMan4eva (previously known as Centigold and SCOTTY STEINER and Paul Roma and at least 3 other names) who was pestering me via PM for months about discontent of his rather small penis size, his ethnicity, the fact he wanted to kill himself, along with several 10,000-word-long BTB stories he was too chicken shit to post in the the BTB section, and finally PM'ing me recently, BEGGING me to delete something I posted about him over a year ago... Great job with that one, LC. Just goes to show how rules are just selectively enforced here. Rules that a user named NITEMARE wrote, a user that also gets banned quite regularly around here these days.

HEADLINER! Wait... WAIT... I know what you're thinking. Just delete this thread right now to avoid me stirring up more bullshit. Being a BAW GAWD WRESTLING FORUM ADMIN is a serious rep you have to protect, right? A privilege you basically ROBBED of Rajah, someone who made you an admin, someone with just slightly less affection for his internet ass buddies who no doubt constitute easily 80% of all the friends you have on planet earth. How does Josh's cock taste in your jew negro mouth anyways?

Hell, even the people that own this site don't even give a shit about it. Don't hate me because I speak the truth. Go to the VS main page and try to find a shout-out to this piss hole. There isn't one. But you spend 5 minutes looking around and a lot of the bullshit that gets posted here, it's not hard to figure out why.

I have no intention of being a member of this forum after I post this and I don't care. The place is beyond hopeless at this point, overrun with 4chan-grade trolls, a thousand levels beyond retarded, and I'm moving on with my life. Don't get me wrong, it used to be a fun place to waste time, but the double-standards, over-sensitivity, and big egos ruin it. I rarely even watch wrestling anymore, so hanging around this place doesn't really even make sense. *hint hint*

On to the next one.
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re: Cerbs nervous breakdown thread

You're a cunt - didn't read.

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re: Cerbs nervous breakdown thread

Ridiculous, but if this a good bye post, good luck with whatever else it is you do in life, bro.

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re: Cerbs nervous breakdown thread

oh this is gonna end well.

Check out my Youtube Channel ^_^

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re: Cerbs nervous breakdown thread

vBookie isn't staff you stupid fuck.

Gee, I feel bad for you. This guy is going to end up beating the fuck out of you one day.

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re: Cerbs nervous breakdown thread

This might be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Bye Cerbs. Don't remember having a problem with you or your impeccable taste in Mass Effect squadmates.

As long as there's a Triforce, there will be a Zelda;
as long as there's a prosperous kingdom, there will be an evil bent on destroying it;
and as long as there's an oppressive force threatening Hyrule, there will be a boy...

in a green tunic, silver shield, and magic blade to stand against it.

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re: Cerbs nervous breakdown thread

Just gonna sit back and hope for a Cerbs perma ban.

Do what's right, Headliner.

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re: Cerbs nervous breakdown thread

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re: Cerbs nervous breakdown thread

1. Over population is a bunch of bullshit.

2. You bitch too much.
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re: Cerbs nervous breakdown thread


CM Punk (9/11/2016): Is the swelling going down?

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