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HHH, Hulkster and Flair are Awesome(Screw You Haters)

Hulk Hogan: Biggest star in pro wrestling today. Yeah you guys hate him for having a Massive Ego and using backstage politics to push everyone down.

But be honest with yourself. In his position wouldn't you do what's right and push everyone down the ladder just so you could be the best? Of course you would and that's as simple as that. You would do every dirty trick in the book to keep yourself in your position and power.

You know you would so why go and pretend that having a Massive Ego is something bad and something you don't have? In reality you are just as egotistic as he is. Most of people in the world are EgoManiacs. Hulkster is only there to make you realize that playing backstage politician is the right way to go. He is exposing humanity's Ego and embracing it. Do you have any problems with your own Ego? If not why do you have problems with his?

So respect the Icon of all Icons. Come on you do know that if Hulkster(and Vince)was never around you simple wouldn't have WWE about which you could bitch and moan about today. Now ask yourself. Did you make WrestleMania? Do you have big Ego enough to make one? If not and his Ego is bigger and better than yours why are you jealous? Just because you have a tiny insignificant one doesn't mean you have the right to talk down to The Icon who has the biggest and baddest Ego.

Get a massive Ego yourself and make something of yourself/your working place before you smack talk The Icon.

Ric Flair: This guy has most likely been stylin and profilin even before you where crying so your mommy would change your dirty dipper and yet you come out there and dare to talk smack about our own "The Man"?

How dare you!? You haven't even been born yet (most likely) and yet you talk smack about the guy who has been doing it for years. He goes out there and does this just for you and for your satisfaction and yet you talk smack about him?

He doesn't go out there for himself (even though he should). He goes out there for you and all the young talent that we have in TNA. If anything this guy should be worshiped as GOAT for all eternity. He doesn't have to wrestle but unlike you haters he knows he actually has responsibility of raising these young kids (TNA stars). He actually knows he has the responsibility together with Dixie to make things work and make TNA Nr. 1 Wrestling Promotion in the world.

So run back to your mommy(you little crying baby) and change your grown man/woman dipper, learn some freaking respect and start worshiping Flair As GOAT of all GOATS before you open your kiddish/immature mouth ever again.

HHH: The guy is simply legend of all the legends. He has biggest and greatest Ego of all time *Bows to the King*. Are you even serious you haters? You are saying that if you had this:

You wouldn't hit it? Are you gay?(if you're a gal you should probably be thinking about converting to lesbian by now).

Well probably not gay.

But what you are is a silly little guy(if you're a guy..if you are a girl you're not to fat to converting to a lesbian by now) who sits behind that computer and possibly thinks he has the chance to hit that but he just doesn't have big one enough to actually be HHH. You know if you worked in WWE you would never had the balls to do what HHH did.

You would even be scared to think about it and people finding out you thought about hitting on Steph wouldn't you? And yet we have the guy who has one of the biggest Ego's of all time (All Hail To The King) who actually not only thought about it but ravaged that little ass many nights in a row.

Ahh Stephanie McMahon. Perfect women. She is sophisticated, smart, sexy, millionaire and vulnerable to falling in love with biggest Ego Maniac and biggest Man in WWE today.... HHH.

Respect to HHH for knocking her up and making him fall in love with him so he could reap biggest rewards in WWE. If you had any kind of integrity you would bow to the King right now since you know you can't get a better King than that.

Now as far as burials go. This guy has been doing us favors for years. Burying guys like Ted Dibiase, RVD, Carlito, Spirit Squad, Chyna and recently the entire current roster. If anyone deserves respect it's The King who played the best Game.

I mean who needs those useless guys anyway? If you're the best why the hell let anyone else think that they can ever be as Egotistic/Good as you are? Respect to The King. Keep burring HHH and I will keep attending those funerals. Respect.

Now Bow To The King you simple average joes.

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Re: HHH, Hulkster and Flair are Awesome(Screw You Haters)

stop. just stop.
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Re: HHH, Hulkster and Flair are Awesome(Screw You Haters)

Can't read yellow text, change asap.

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Re: HHH, Hulkster and Flair are Awesome(Screw You Haters)

Just changed it. Oh and you can always high light something you don't see properly otherwise.

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