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Re: Should i ask this chick out ?

Who cares if she has a boyfriend, if there is no ring on the finger she's still fair game bro. At least that's the rules I live by. Boyfriend to me is just that, a friend who happens to be a boy, who may or may not be getting into her pants, why can't you be doing the same, he hasn't given her a ring, he doesn't own her.

Now as for what to do to get into her pants; seeing as how you seem to be a little nervous start off by joking around with her at work, doing goofy things to make her laugh, even if you're not the best looking guy which I've never claimed to be making a girl laugh will almost always attract her to you in some way. You're a funny guy on here, develop that out in the real world with her.

After a while ask for her number, if you've talked to her before asking it's just going to come off as a friend asking for a friends number, that's okay, it's good. Talk to her quite a bit, 4-5 times a week I'd say to start, so she feels comfortable talking to you. Chances are eventually she'll need a male's advice when she has problems with her boyfriend. Listen, BUT NEVER, EVER CALL HER BOYFRIEND NAMES, OR TALK BAD ABOUT HIM! NEVER! When things get sorted out with them you don't want her to think of you as the guy who shit talked her boyfriend, you want her to think of you as the guy who helped her through the situation.

It might take a few months, and she won't realize it at the beginning but what you've been doing is showing her you're a good guy who will listen to her, and thinks about her problems before your own. In the long run that'll go a long way, especially if you listen to her talk about her boyfriend problems 3 or 4 times.

There will be a time when she will see you as a good guy and want to have sex with you, if you played your cards right.

Just remember these few things:
Calling her boyfriend names = no pussy
down talking her boyfriend = no pussy

however when she says "My boyfriend is an asshole blah blah blah, he did this" it is acceptable to say:
That's terrible, I can't believe he did it.
I'm your friend and I'm 100% on your side.
I'm not going to say anything bad about him, but you deserve to be treated better.

Things like that will show her you really care, or at least she'll feel like you do.

This method got me laid for the bit of the year, then I overplayed my cards and got into a relationship with one that all I wanted to do was to have sex with, ended up using the "L" word (never fall for a girl who was supposed to be nothing more then a booty call, never works out). If it isn't a booty call you're after and you just want to take her from her boyfriend this ethod still does work, just know what you want and talk accordingly.

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Re: Should i ask this chick out ?

cole phelps = legend

he has come to save us

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Re: Should i ask this chick out ?

Considering the amount of completely horrendous advice given in this thread I feel like I should offer you some good effective knowledge phelps.

You should stop being obsessed with one girl if you're so inexperienced, especially when it's a woman who is already in a relationship. This girl will probably not pick up any heavy flirting hints due to the fact she already has an emotional investment in somebody else. Not to mention the fact that her boyfriend might be an aggressive, jealous psychopath who would break you in half for merely sniffing around her. Even if there is potential between the two of you this girl will sense your nervousness around her especially if you're obsessing over her. Don't put all of your eggs in one basket.

What you should do is get out of the house more often and socialise regularily while making an effort to meet and talk to a lot of different women. Don't target every woman as a potential romance as this will only heighten your tension, go into every conversation with the mindest that rejection is not failure and you're just out to make 'friends'. Be charming but not OTT soppy and creepy, women can smell desperation a mile away. Save that shit for a time when it's needed. All of this will improve your confidence around the opposite gender and increase the likelyhood of you getting a fuck. for your original crush? Once you've emptied into a few practice sh(l)ags you probaly won't even be bothered about her anymore. Don't put your life on hold for anybody.
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Re: Should i ask this chick out ?

Cole, you should fuck her until she loves you.

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Marine Le Pen
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Re: Should i ask this chick out ?

give her a heart shaped rock, bitches love rocks

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Re: Should i ask this chick out ?

Or snap it in half so then you can keep half each.

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Re: Should i ask this chick out ?

Random question guys what your favorite alcohol personally mine's grey goose i love it ! I mix it with lemonade and i can barely taste the alcohol its really that good.
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Re: Should i ask this chick out ?

You sick bastard.
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Re: Should i ask this chick out ?

I thought you weren't drinking anymore, Cole? Also, if you can't kick her bf's ass then I suggest you avoid her.
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Re: Should i ask this chick out ?

He said that Karla Lopez > Taylor Swift, so yeah, he must be drinking some strong shit.

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