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Breath of the Wild
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Re: Chaz Bono: Really?

I don't see why all this hate, Walls. I mean, you don't have a problem with McQueen right? Then you shouldn't with Chaz.

As long as there's a Triforce, there will be a Zelda;
as long as there's a prosperous kingdom, there will be an evil bent on destroying it;
and as long as there's an oppressive force threatening Hyrule, there will be a boy...

in a green tunic, silver shield, and magic blade to stand against it.

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Re: Chaz Bono: Really?

I fucking hate McQueen, don't know what you're talking about.
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Celestial Messiah
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Re: Chaz Bono: Really?

McQueen gets me so mad i can almost explode

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Re: Chaz Bono: Really?

Yesterday was listening to a radio station that has random questions of the day. The question of the day was any radical changes you have done after a divorce/break up that made you feel better.

One person calls in and talks about how they was married for 15 years. After the marriage, he goes out and gets a sex change. Now a female, (s)he goes to their high school reunion and sleeps with a friend from there. Now they are dating a male who use to be a female.

The female host was alright with it all asking questions about how much the operation costs, how things are going in their life, etc. The male host was like WTF?!?! You chopped your penis off and now take one?

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Re: Chaz Bono: Really?


Jesus Christ, nothing like complaining about someone getting attention while giving them attention.

Who gives a shit about how Chaz lives.

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Re: Chaz Bono: Really?

A shit would not be given, if it didn't foist itself on the public, and demand to be accepted.
You stop giving a shit, you have stopped living.
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Re: Chaz Bono: Really?

Im sorry but the sex you are born as stays with you till the day you die & no amount of mutilation is gunna change that.

Im loving the People turning on the people's poster btw.


Not Removing Until Jason Garrett is Fired as the Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys.
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Re: Chaz Bono: Really?

Really who gives a fuck? Let her/him do whatever she/he wants to their body. Doesn't affect anyone else in the slightest.

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Ramble On
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Re: Chaz Bono: Really?

Cole Phelps is amazing. BEST.POSTER.EVER!
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Magnus Mark!
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Re: Chaz Bono: Really?

Walls What has he done to annoy you? If sonny and Cher weren't the parents you would have never have heard of him.

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