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I agree that it was a tragedy but it's been milked a little. Of course it was a sad day for America, but come on, 3,000 people isn't - on the scale of things - that big.

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Question Re: DID YOU FORGET?

Originally Posted by Seb View Post
^ the london bombings have got little to no coverage since the 1st anniversary. i'm sure on the 10th anniversary there will be a minutes silence to remember the dead.

it's the sort of thing you'd expect to see at a baseball game
where's the uk's flag on the moon
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Originally Posted by We Are Legion
It's no coincidence that most of the people "agreeing with you" don't even live in this country. Maybe you should think about that. And as I said, you have the option to leave this country if it sincerely bothers you so much. If you disagree with the idea of "unity" and feel so terrible for the victims in other parts of the world, move there. You wouldn't even have the freedom in those other places to spout anti-government spite like you're doing here all day. You made the choice to let it bother you which ultimately means you can't even handle the freedom this country allows you to have.
Are you conveniently ignoring the points I'm making that you know you can't turn back? Looks like Rush isn't the only one having this problem. I can keep re-quoting myself all day.
Originally Posted by ME (again)
I just think it's annoying that so many Americans use this day to try and make others feel bad. I just feel like it takes away from the unity this country is trying to achieve. How can a country band together if there are people within just going around being antagonists?
And what are these "new" tapes and interviews you keep bringing up? I watched a ton of the coverage and I didn't see anything new. And I find it seriously hard to believe you did either considering you obviously had such a problem with all of it.
The new hit for the media this year was the interview with the guy they're crediting as the "last one out of the 81st (or something) floor," and the recordings from air traffic control. Both as I saw them came before the anniversary of September 11th and were just exploited more when the day came.

EDIT: And yeah, the link Seb posted.
BTW... the Flight 93 recordings haven't been released and will never be released because it was shot down. You would actually make a better case ranting about that if you even knew what you were talking about.
The news anchor, don't know what his name was, specifically said that the families were uncomfortable with whatever tapes being released. And have you watched the documentary on Flight 93? Yeah, America made one to make more money off of 9/11. If you knew anything about that story, you'd know that the plane wasn't shot down.

It's funny to me that you're bashing those who are agreeing with me just because some of them don't live in the United States, and yet they seem to know more about it than you do.

You'd make a much better case if you weren't so busy making a fool out of yourself. Now would be a good time to stop while you're behind.

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Whats sad is how the American media is milking the shit out of it to gain ratings. Its on every channel and they know people will eat up. Its not important because 3000 people died, the media tells you its still important to make a buck from you. I know its sad but don't act like it doesn't happen 24/7 all over the world, if it happened in Columbia would any American care? What if 3000 people died suddenly in Canada? They wouldn't get a day, Americans would not care that those innocent people died, they aren't American.
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I've noticed this 'did you forget?' and 'never forget' shit recently. How about no, shut the fuck up instead. It's really pissing me off. How are we supposed to forget when we are bombarded with documentaries, movies, news and conspiracy theories? And not just on the day itself - for the entire week leading up to it aswell. They are ramming it down our throats at every given opportunity. Just respect the people who died and move on.
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Evo, are you suggesting that 9/11 didn't change everything?

Cause 9/11 changed everything, Evo! 9/11 changed everything!

Anyway I look at stuff the same.

When the earthquakes in Japan happened I felt sad and prayed for the people over there and kept it on my tv pretty much all day feeling sorry for the families who lost people and for Japan as awhole.

When the London riots happened I posted a little Pray for London thing on my tumblr and talked prayed for London and was feeling bad for them.

Some of things bought up in this thread happened I was young at the time so I couldn't say or feel too much then but I do remember when the London Bombings happened I felt for them people.

I'm not the type of American to think oh only when bad stuff happens here should it matter.

As far as the whole Bin Ladin and USA Chanting stuff too me that was okay for the fact Bin Ladin caused so much thought out the world not just America. They was people all around the world happy he was dead not just here.

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Speaking of money, one of the biggest US companies to profit from 9/11 was the defence contractors owned by Bin Laden's brother. He sat in an office with George Bush Sr watching 9/11 unfold on the telly iirc.
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Bin Laden worked for he CIA too

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maybe if you're a raving conspiracy theorist. what i posted is fact.
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bin laden's family basically disowned him iirc
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