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i'm sure there are plenty of people who respectfully mourn the dead, but that's not what you see in the media. all that was on the news today was american's waving flags and telling sky news how much they loved their country. the usa chants were from when bin laden was killed, i remember seeing hundreds of american's chanting outside the whitehouse.
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I don't think it was a lot of people doing that though. maybe in the places where the attacks happened.

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You can watch the 9/11 memorial service here and see that there's no cheering or USA chanting. There's a couple of flags in the audience. Flag waving is not strictly an American phenomenon (even during times of morning). The USA and flag waving mostly came when we were going to war which is nothing new for any country ever.

Bin Laden was completely different. I'm not sure why it's even being brought up. People have celebrated when bad men die since the beginning of time.

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Originally Posted by We Are Legion
The only reason the 9/11 coverage bothers anyone is the same reason the Sarah Mclachlan animal cruelty commercials tend to ruin everyone's precious little day as well. They don't like seeing those images because it makes them depressed, which is why it's completely ridiculous to claim anyone is doing this for ratings.
Then why continue to dig up old tapes? Why race to be the first ones to release these tapes? Don't you think the families might just want it left alone and left to memorial? We don't need reminders of what happened. We don't need new footage or new audio of the experience that day. We have enough. Can it not be left to memorial? According to that news anchor who said "unfortunately" the Flight 93 tapes couldn't be released, apparently not. Apparently that's not good enough.
We're not the only country in the world that deals with fucked up shit and other places have had it worse in the past. But why does that make us bad people for honoring our own fallen?
That's not the problem, and that's not at all what I or anyone else who's agreeing with me is addressing in this rant. It's the fact that 1) we're exploiting it and 2) there are people going around just trying to stir the pot, being antagonistic, trying to convict other people. "Did you forget? Did you?" It's not 9/11: Remember. It's 9/11: Never Forget. It's not unity. It's not helping anyone band together. Instead of leaving it to memorial, we're going around making sure other people don't forget by releasing new footage, new tapes, groundbreaking interviews. We can't let the day rest in peace. That's our problem.
The Americans like Evo that want to cry at their computer on FACEBOOK about it can fuck off too. If you don't like what's on television, go outside. Ride a bike, kick a ball, dig a fucking hole. Here's an even better idea though... leave. But wait, you can't because you're just an angry nobody ranting on your computer pissed off because a few disturbing images ruined this precious day of your lax and comfortable happy little fucking American dream. You are what you hate. You're not even capable of committing another 9/11.
Your problem, however, is that you're standing over here, and the point is 50 yards to your left. You completely missed the point. You keep up your stupidity about "crying" and FACEBOOK and the fact that I apparently don't like what's on television. You're also very determined to remind me that I'm a nobody (because you're so much more of a somebody) and apparently, my day has been ruined. My day wasn't ruined at all. I had my normal Sunday and kept 9/11 in my thoughts. American dream? I don't know where you're getting that because that crap doesn't even exist to most of us. The fact is, just like anyone else you get irrationally angry at, you scratch and claw any way you can to feel superior, and the fact is that when you get off the computer, every little ounce of energy you just put into making no point whatsoever doesn't mean anything. It doesn't mean anything to you, and it doesn't mean anything to me. And for the record, that bottom of the barrel stuff that you included does not deserve to be dignified by a response.
That's why he agrees with you, Hiplop when he says Americans are arrogant and only care about things that affect them, hell, he's ONE of them.
Really? Let's go ahead and sample from this thread, shall we?
Originally Posted by ME
9/11 was one of the worst days in American history and I don't think anyone, especially living in this country, is going to forget that. Before I go any further, it affected me just as much as it affected anyone else who didn't know anyone involved. It was a horrible, horrible day, and I just remember being thankful that no one I knew died that day.
Originally Posted by ME
I just think it's annoying that so many Americans use this day to try and make others feel bad. I just feel like it takes away from the unity this country is trying to achieve. How can a country band together if there are people within just going around being antagonists?

It's come to a degree where it's almost not even grief anymore, it's propaganda. What happened to really remembering 9/11? Nowadays, it's not about that anymore. Nowadays, it's "9/11: NEVER FORGET." Fucking hell, I'm not going to. Let's remember it with respect instead of putting this negativity on it.
Originally Posted by ME
The way we treat 9/11, honestly, seems disrespectful to the entire spirit of a memorial. And I think that in America, as a nation, we just can't see that because we're so drowned in our own pride.
I don't think I need to say anything else.

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I think the "get over it" commments in here are pretty stupid, but there's definitely glorification of the whole thing throughout TV. I'm Austrlian and we get a whole flock of TV specials and stuff over it. That's not something at all I particularly have a problem with; I think it's a hell of a lot more "important" (for lack of a better term) than the ROYAL WEDDING which took up every commercial for my first school break, but the fact the media are almost trying to "cash in" on this type of things is really crappy. I can't judge, I mean I have no idea what's going through the TV people's heads, they could be honouring the fallen for all I know, but I'm not the only on feeling this unnecessary media circulation so I'm going to assume it's a little more deep than my own demented paranoia. I'm not a piece of shit that doesn't care when things die, hell, I couldn't bring myself to kill a one millimetre fucking spider dangling from my ceiling yesterday, and I'd give my life without hesitation for something like 9/11 to have never happened, but the fact these people's lives are seemingly treated as more important than those killed in other disasters/acts of terrorism is a little unsettling. I honestly don't like the idea or cnecept of patriotism at all.

Originally Posted by Rah
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Damn, with all the mentions of annoying Facebook statuses ITT, I wonder why you guys keep Facebook friends that apparently annoy the fuck out of you.

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So I don't get why OP is so upset? Because certain people remembered 9-11 in the way they wanted to. What was the point of this rant, to bundle every american up and make them look like inconsiderate assholes, which in return open the flood gates to a rant of total bashing of Americans. Today was really no different for most of us, but the OP wouldn't know this because he/she was to busy writing a novel in the rants section and responding to posters.

If the OP would have went outside today and had a social life he would have seen many people living their normal lives. I didn't see people walking around with flags in their hands or shouting USA everywhere. Maybe at football games you got the chants, but that was after our national anthem. I wouldn't bash the Aussies for singing and cheering during a cricket game. Or Argentinians during a soccer match.

Maybe I am sounding like bitch right now but I don't see why there is so much hate on here over this, why get riled up over people expressing happiness. People that we have never met, got to know or lived with. This whole thread just seemed counter productive to me.

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Reasons don't matter even the DID YOU FORGET reasons don't matter. If you remember and honour the fallen ones go ahead by any means... Does the media use it to gain more viewers , yeah they do , but it doesn't matter cause they are remembering the victims of that day and their family.

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So basically you're telling me that New York playing Dallas in New York in the NFL on September 11 wasn't done to generate ratings?

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I can see why some people in other countries might get a bit pissed off at us on this day. It all comes down to the media again. The international channels of our major news networks are some peoples daily source of news and they switch it on and get non-stop stories about that day. The media forces 9/11 to be a big deal worldwide. It gives the impression that the lives lost in America are somehow more important than the countless deaths in other countries. No matter where you are in the world, you surely know about 9/11, but most Americans don't know anything about tragedies that happened in other parts of the world.

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