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Re: The N Word

Somebody beat me with Louis CK. His point is obvious, but he makes it very well. The people who say "N Word" take the moral high ground just as they dupe you into thinking the word. Words are visual and verbal symbols for ideas. When somebody says "N Word" nobody thinks North Dakota, so why bother to say N Word?
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Re: The N Word

Ya fuck those .....s.

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Re: The N Word

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Re: The N Word

I have never liked the sound of the word personally, and I'm white.

With me, I remember being at a CVS with my mom when I was a really little kid. A black lady FREAKED THE FUCK OUT at the black checker and called him the N-Word like a million times & poured her milkshake on the counter & stormed out.

So whenever I hear the N word, it just sends me back to how scared I was back then when that lady just acted like a psychopath and shouted it like a 100 times.



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Re: The N Word

I don't mind people using the word at all
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Re: The N Word

I only use the word when I am in a particularly racist mood.

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Re: The N Word

I've called a black person the N work before. But he prank called my house at 2 am and told my mom to "Shut the Fuck Up and suck my dick." so I really had no problem doing it. Judging by the prankster's reaction on the phone it's safe to say that he was certainly black.
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Re: The N Word

N word with "er" doesn't equal the N word with "a".

There's a difference.

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Re: The N Word

I'm on the opposite end of most in the thread. I'm black, and I absolutely hate the word.

Never used, get annoyed when anyone uses it.

It's not just the racial undertones that bothers me about the word, it's also that when anyone uses it, they come off like either a dumbass or a douchebag. Usually both.

The first thing that pops up in my head when someone uses it isn't "they are racist" or "they're a bigot". It's, "you're being an idiot". Much like when someone uses gay in a derogatory way.

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Re: The N Word

can't it be just as offensive as the words c__lie, and P__i?

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