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Re: The N Word


Originally Posted by Rah
Is Sienfeld the one with George Costanza?
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Re: The N Word

Your sig reminds i need to watch my ric flair dvd i just got tommorow.

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Re: The N Word

It is just a word. I could stand outside and scream it at the top of my lungs and no one will be harmed from it. The only reason the word is "bad" is because the person who thinks it is is giving that word too much power.

In reality the problem isnt the word but the weight you give to such a word. If you can comprehend this problem then that word loses any negative effect.
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Re: The N Word

It's a pity it's such a historically bad word as it's quite fun to say, rolls off the tounge quite nicely.
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Re: The N Word

Black people can't swim.
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Re: The N Word

Is WAGG talking about calling dog eaters and ragheads the words coolie and paki? If not, I'm really confused.

Also, Karla Lopez is a goddess and does not have a pig nose.
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Re: The N Word


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Re: The N Word

My only problem with the word is when it's used to intentionally insult people of black skin color. The "nigga" variation is just street language referring to others by this word as in 'friend' or 'person'. The "er" (original) version, however, is pretty offensive and only ever used when it's a racist topic.

I think, however, using it more freely for non-racist meanings will be pretty good for the sake of less racism. It loses it's original meaning and it's not a bad thing.

I personally listen to tons of rap music as it's part of my life and the "N word" appears on a regular basis, probably more so than any other word. When I rap along, I sometimes find a better substitute that fits in the same context, it also often sounds simply better.
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Re: The N Word

I'm willing to bet most people find Wagg's Karla Lopez gif's more offensive than any black person finds the word "n*gger"
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Re: The N Word

The worst part is, everytime i block it, the next day he has a new one

and then a few days ago, someone asked WAGG for karla lopez porn


what is this? 4chan?

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