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haribo 08-06-2011 05:30 PM

Whoa I'm making a rant. This is just me getting something off my chest. Not about reps unfortunately (:() or 11ers, but that little crappy thing called reality.

Last night was out with a few close friends, drinking, playing pool etc. until we went to get some food. Now my closest friend (a girl) completely ignored everybody else there except one guy who she was whispering too, linking arms with the entire journey. Her boyfriend is away atm, and he and this bloke really don't get on so you could imagine the reaction if he found out. However, she herself has gone on record as to not liking him, as far as asking me to walk her home in the past, fearing for her personal safety, asking me to make excuses so she can't go the same way home as him through the park or anything. And last night, this same girl told him "I've got a free house tonight". I only live round the corner from her, and I waited on her while she got some chips cos we may as well walk together. She gets her food, goes back to linking with him and walks by. Blanking me completely as if I weren't there. No goodbye, no wave, nothing. Eventually I walk home alone, and see her taking him into her empty house.

Being the charmer that I am, I decided to text her telling her to "go fuck herself" and to "enjoy getting laid". Now I trust her that she never cheated with this guy (I said it to get a rise out of her in all honesty), but she still screamed of a two-faced hypocritical and selfish bitch. I even told her Harvey Dent wants his personality back (sigh). And now she's come back at me calling me a psycho and being inappropriate, dramatic and acting like a "fucking child". Asked me if she was supposed to hold my hand to walk me home.

Now she actually did this a few weeks ago, in that she jilted me while I was unaware and went home (alone that time) just because it was raining. I stood 15 minutes in the soaking rain thinking she had just gone to the toilet, before I gave up and left. She apologised plenty afterwards and said it'd never happen again.

Emotion may be clouding my judgement here, so I need to know: who's more in the wrong here?

Probably a tl;dr scenario for most of you 8*D

P.Smith 08-06-2011 05:35 PM

I'm sorry if I'm offending you, but there is no place for reality in this section.

Whorses 08-06-2011 05:38 PM

Probably her if she's being as two faced as you make out. But if you really believed she wasn't cheating then you wouldn't have texted her that stuff, if you were a real friend. I'd say her though, although I only read the post once and I'm not entirely sure I 100% get what it is that happened but there you go. :p

haribo 08-06-2011 05:40 PM

rep 4 rep then Smith? :$

I figured I might not make entire sense if I completely omit names and refer to everyone by he and she. :/

GOON 08-06-2011 05:41 PM

Yeah, you probably shouldn't of texted her that stuff. It's really not your business.

scrilla 08-06-2011 05:43 PM

if you're tight with her boyfriend then tell him. bros before hos dawg, but it does seem kind of weird to say "enjoy getting laid" to her. makes you sound jealous and shit.

Stax Classic 08-06-2011 05:46 PM

Water off a ducks back Hairbo. Act as if nothing happened and just keep moving on as friends. Shit happens when people drink.

Huganomics 08-06-2011 05:47 PM

What's a "girl"? 8*D

Hypno 08-06-2011 05:50 PM

Sounds like she's more in the wrong than you. I'm not saying you're completely innocent, because, well the texts weren't a good thing to do. Not that I should be giving this advice because I'm the type of guy who would have done the same thing.

In all honesty, it sounds like you care more about her than she does about you. I could be wrong, but that's the vibe I get.

Nitemare 08-06-2011 05:52 PM

Women like this piss me off. She's the kind of person you should avoid having in your life, if possible.

Tell her boyfriend and give him all the details, then be done with her completely.

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