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Fuck you Facebook

I am absolutely sick and tired of sites that have connections to Facebook all the time or that love to use Facebook-style interfaces and such to the point where the interface is actually WORSE. Or stuff that requires you to use it to get specials and deals and coupons, or even just to leave a fucking COMMENT.

Ustream had a thing where they tried REALLY hard to implement Facebook into their video chats and even ended up reversing the chat so the posts scrolled down from the top and not the bottom and pissed their userbase off so bad they changed it back after a few weeks, but even then they still haven't gotten rid of the social networking functionality.

And it doesn't stop there. Blizzard once tried to make their forums display your real name with the Real ID system. There was a mass shitstorm there. And don't get me started on the newest version of Windows Live Messenger. All this stuff is getting corrupted by this stupid social networking craze.

And with stuff like Youtube getting likes and dislikes instead of the star system now and tons of stupid comments like '100 people missed the like button' or something all over the place, and sites that are all 'Sign in with your Facebook'. I always opt to use the on-site sign in...until today, when I tried to comment on an AOL post where I normally used to use my AIM, but I typed the comment and it went 'SIGN IN TO FACEBOOK'. NO. FUCK YOU. When shit requires me to use a service I don't want then it can fuck off entirely.

I don't want a Facebook. I don't want to slap my personal info and images on a wall for everyone to see where someone might eventually use something against me, like potential employers for one. I am not interested in social networking, I have plenty of other mediums to find and stay in touch with friends, namely, e-mail, IM, and the telephone. I have no interest in becoming a part of this 'system' any time soon. I've reached my final straw. I'm normally a mellow person, but I just had to get this out there. Have a nice day.

Originally Posted by Cookie Monster View Post
Does it really affect people's views on a wrestler if the ratings aren't up when he's on TV? Like, really?
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Re: Fuck you Facebook

if you've ever been on dailymotion 'be the first of your friends to like this'. No i wont b/c i'll never live it down.
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Re: Fuck you Facebook

Back in my day, Facebook was pretty sweet when it required you to have a valid college email address to use it. Now it's reached the point where 8th graders and grandparents are on it. Maybe that's one of the things I like about Twitter, most people are too stupid to know how to use it.

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Re: Fuck you Facebook

I didn't read through this thread, but I bet it is about you not having any friends.

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Re: Fuck you Facebook

I cannot wait for the day Facebook becomes as obselete and irrelevant as Myspace, and everybody climbs aboard the bandwagon for a new social network site. It's a cruel, cruel cycle.
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Re: Fuck you Facebook

Originally Posted by Vintage™ View Post
I cannot wait for the day Facebook becomes as obselete and irrelevant as Myspace, and everybody climbs aboard the bandwagon for a new social network site. It's a cruel, cruel cycle.
Facebook will never become irrelevant, it's got too much dominance over people and the whole internet now. It will continue to expand, people will start using it for more and more things.

As much as I don't like it, we have to accept it. The new poll option they brought in has a lot of stupid questions that get asked by stupid people but it's a marketing research wet-dream. Not to mention people will start using their Facebook profile to log their work history for resume purposes.

It's just worth too much money for it to go bust now, it's way more than anything MySpace is or ever was going to be. Tom thought about the music, in an era where it's just too easy to download music now his one angle became redundant. Facebook lured everybody in with the idea of "just staying in touch" when it has become so much more.
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Re: Fuck you Facebook

The fall of Myspace is one of the most interesting things to me ever. Very rarely do you get to see something get so massive so quickly and then just die like it did. I personally cannot stand Facebook. I know a bunch of people who are addicted to it to the point of being pathetic. Myspace was the same way before it failed. Every single fucking gf I have ever had has been addicted to one of these sights, it baffles me.
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Re: Fuck you Facebook

just use it for the basics.

i use it to keep in contact with friends from school and stuff like events with friends. usage doesnt extend much past that.

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Re: Fuck you Facebook

i'd fuck facebook

you just dont get it
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Re: Fuck you Facebook

I don't understand your problem with Facebook, you don't need to put personal pictures up, personal information or anything - you could make an account, never actually log onto it and just use it for connecting with other sites, I don't see the problem in that?

Fact is, Facebook is very useful and if your careful enough with your person details - nothing bad will happen as far as crime related incidents go. I actually won a brand new Xbox 360 just from liking a Facebook group and answering a very simple question. Best of all Facebook is free - instead of a 10p a text, you can send free messages to anyone you want to keep in contact with, I see no disadvantage to that at all.

And also, you can stop any potential employers from seeing your facebook by making it completley private - you can even stop it coming up in search results.
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