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Re: Farewell Address

I'll miss you, Whake. You weren't on JSL's level but given more time you could have been.

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Re: Farewell Address


crap never mind

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Re: Farewell Address

Originally Posted by soxfan93 View Post

Farewell, fuckhead.
Whake > you.
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Re: Farewell Address


what a BABE
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Re: Farewell Address

Didn't even give me a mention. Come on Whake.

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Re: Farewell Address


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Re: Farewell Address

Won't miss you faggot.

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Re: Farewell Address

bye Whake, wont be the same without ya

Check out my Youtube Channel ^_^

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Re: Farewell Address

Originally Posted by Whake View Post
Dear fellow members of WrestlingForum.com,

If I must go, I would like to leave with my head up, and with dignity and respect. I can't lie and say that the idea of spamming the boards with nudie pics or doing something outlandish to facilitate an immediate permaban didn't cross my mind. But no, this forum has meant too much to me over the past couple months to go out that way. Instead, I would like to say my last good-byes and provide shoutouts to the ones who have supported me during my time here.

But first, I would just like to clear up one thing. My comment on Brute. Albeit it the fact that I was drunk when I posted that, I really didn't mean it to be disrespectful. I try to believe that when people die an unexpected or accidental death that it is to serve a greater purpose, and that there is some sort of reasoning for it happening. I'll admit that I could've worded it more nicely so I do apologize for anyone who was offended by the comment.

Now continuing on. I would first like to thank everyone who donated $5 to my campaign. I made $25 off that campaign and consider it very successful.

You see, ladies and gentleman, I came on this board while I was in a bit of a rut, and I was also going through a phase where I thought Miz' character was amazing. And I wanted to emulate him. So I became the Curveball Champion of Champions and trolled everyone by mentioning it every second that I could. I didn't really know where my heelish persona on this forum was going to lead.

Shortly after that, I became "shitdick" and got to see my "Whake" username in dark red lettering for almost two days straight. Many people actually thought I had been promoted to mod status and it made me feel warm inside. By the way, I'd like to thank JM for helping to put me over during that feud. He definitely did not need to do that but he did it anyway because he is a good guy, and I only hope that I helped him as much as he helped me.

I'm just going to mention a couple people, because this is starting to get very hard for me...


Okay... Lady "Sabrina" Croft... I fell in love with you the first day I registered on this forum. You are the nicest, sexiest woman alive. And I appreciate you always having my back. I will never forget you. If you are ever in Ontario, hit me up.

Headliner. I've recently witnessed how easy it is for an admin to abuse his powers and act like a complete asshole. And I appreciate for not taking that route. We've had some good times.. some funny times! You are the shit, ma man.

Andy3000 - This guy's post have always stood out. He legitimately entertains me.

swagger ROCKS - One of my biggest fans. Thanks for your support, buddy.

TaylorFitz - Fellow Arcade lover. Get my Curveball score back for me, bro!

Sheik - We should've had our WM28 main event, bro! We could've made history.

Anyone who voted to keep me on the fourm - thank you. I wish it was a public poll so I could thank you personally, but Platt is a fuckin' dink so what can ya do, right?

Well that's it folks, it's been real. I hope I have entertained all of you in some fashion.

Your truly,
Whake aka shitdick

Wait, there's an arcade in here? Where?
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Re: Farewell Address

You'll see the arcade if you look hard enough

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