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Re: I'm Mind Fucked

Originally Posted by Roy no wait Rigor View Post
I've found the straightforward approach usually gives you the best answer, even if its what you don't want to hear.

If you straight up tell her what's on your mind, that's step one. Step two is either reciprocation or rejection, either way the bullshit games are out of the way.
Agreed completely.

Don't play the games. More than that, don't let her dictate the games. Bitches be crazy.

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Re: I'm Mind Fucked

fuck her and dump her

what a BABE
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Re: I'm Mind Fucked

Well at least get a sandwich out of her first. Then fuck and dump her.
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Re: I'm Mind Fucked

Originally Posted by RKO920 View Post
Yeah, another rant by me lolol. I need advice from all from all of you So there this this girl, that my friend originally was going to set up with my other friend. Well the night this all was going to happen, the girl wanted to get with me instead of my friend, and I talked to my friend and it was fine. I hook up with the girl and expect nothing out of her. I forgot I gave her my BBM that night, so we started talking the next day and day by day we talked more. I have had plenty of girlfriends, so I am not one to fall for a girl quick. This girls got something about her that I like I guess so I am falling for her. For example, when I was driving with her in my car, it just felt "right" Anyway, yesterday she blew up my phone to make me hang out with her. I landed up going to her friends house and laid down with her all day. Sounds good right? Well, she keeps talking about other guys around me and sending me signals that she likes me though. She acts like she likes me at one time then two minutes later acts like she doesn't give a shit. All my friends think she likes me, but I honestly don't know. I AM MIND FUCKED, HELP.

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Re: I'm Mind Fucked

just say what are u talking about other dudes for? i'm right here, and i'm gonna fuck u. and ask someone who knows how to rant, how to rant.
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Re: I'm Mind Fucked

Best girlfriend ever :

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Re: I'm Mind Fucked

Try to fuck her and while fucking her you keep changing every 30 seconds from her ass to her vagina, if she's asks you to make up your mind , you reply with the same question. Like me or not. That'll learn the bitch.

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Re: I'm Mind Fucked

Without actuallu seeing facial expressions or hearing the way she talks w/ you there's really nothing anyone on here can say to help. I'm somewhat going through the same thing atm and believe it really does seem like she likes me but I still don't know (me being ridiculously paranoid and negative about everything doesn't help). ASking guys who haven't seen you two together or even met either one of you ain't gonna help a bit.

If you have to listen to anyone on here though listen to the females, they've probably done what this girl is doing before and they're all one secret organisation that have plans to take over the universe on 12/21/12.
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Re: I'm Mind Fucked

Bah fucking gawd, no offense son but your so called 'rants' bore me to years, try harder please.
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Re: I'm Mind Fucked

Originally Posted by Amber B View Post
She's not being a moronic girl and good for her. She obviously likes you but she's letting you know that if you don't step up, someone else will.
I say fuck this. I don't want some wishy washy bitch like this. If she really likes you and is truly into you and nobody else, she'll wait, let you two get to know each other more. I've avoided a lot of fucked up women this way. My advice, try starting by building a "foundation" on more of a psychological level then build your way up to a emotional level.

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