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courtesy is a fallacy
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Time to put this in the open. Headliner's thread prompted this.

Basically I hate pretty much all women so much that I can hardly tolerate hearing them speak. Sure, some are attractive and fun to fuck but I find 99% of women completely intolerable. Most of the time, I completely dismiss what they say and find it difficult to pay any attention to them. I take the word of a construction worker over the word of a female nobel laureate. They are all mentally unstable and compulsive liars.

Overall, I consider them as an inferior sub-species whose only saving graces are being physically attractive. I'm certain women are at fault for all of the world's problems. I enjoy watching them struggle in day to day challenges. I have no sympathy for them. Most of the time I think of girls as more of a pet than a person. I act friendly and cordial to my female family members, friends and coworkers. I just don't give a fuck about any of them.

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one day you will confess and pray to the saints of Los Angeles
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Re: Women

Is it guilty in here... or is it just me?

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Valar Morghulis
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Re: Women

This seems fairly reasonable and normal Josh.
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Little Poppa Pump
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Re: Women

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Thank You Randy Savage.
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Re: Women

Some women are very trying, in fact all of the women at my work are trying. Some days just seem to go on forever. All the good ones go elsewhere ffs.

RIP Randy Savage & The Ultimate Warrior.

Thanks for the memories.
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A Dean Ambrose Guy
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Re: Women

Classic. 9/10
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Celestial Messiah
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Re: Women

If he didnt have women, reproduction and porn both might get kinda awkward.
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looking at the tape
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Re: Women

Those fuckers in the Middle East do it right. Bitches are silent and straight up killed if they get out line.

Total scene control. *cue darkness music*

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Re: Women

*Starts slow clap*

I do cosign Redeadening's post though...

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Celestial Messiah
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Re: Women

Oh fuck, MrMister is now a premium member

Its just me now......Im so......... alone..........

First image that popped when I searched 'alone'. Either way, congrats MrMister
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