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Sorry for posting another Rant so soon, but this is just a copy and paste from Facebook. A friend of mine was asking if her baby is doomed to hell because she refuses to have her baptised. My friend Ellie also wasn't baptised, and neither was I. Even though Ellie is a good person another friend said that baptists believe that good deeds alone can't get you to heaven...this is what I had to say....

"Things like this are what turned me against christianity. Without magic water your ass is doomed to burn? Really? That's horrible. Where in your bible does it say you have to be semi drowned to be saved? I want to see this. How can you tell someone that just because they don't get Baptized they are going to hell? Are you telling me a serial killer who was baptized has a better chance of going to heaven than me, someone who spends day and night helping his mom take care of his disabled brothers? I selflessly give up my life and my time to help her. When other teenagers are out with their friends, I'm in changing Jayden or trying to calm down Gavin when his computer shuts off. I'm bisexual so this hits me there too. I've been told by a preacher in a church in front of the whole congregation that I was a terrible person, A Sinner, and unless I left my boyfriend, changed my ways, and repented I was gonna burn. That preacher was later convicted for Grand Larceny. But everyone turned a blind eye to that because He was a man of god. Me on the other hand, I'm a terrible person because I cared for my boyfriend. I left that church and never went back to another one ever. I figure if a god exists that can allow his "People" to do this to other individuals, I don't want to worship that god.

These people say that doing good things and living a good life isn't the key. Accepting Jesus into your heart is. By that logic those people who go to church on sunday and do drugs and buy hookers and extort thousands of dollars from business's every week while abusing their children are great christians. As long as they accepted Jesus, It doesn't matter. That same church told me god made my brothers inferior to the world for a reason. They were damned from birth. That was the final straw to me. I got sent to a mental hospital for three days because of what I said to them, they released me when they saw there was nothing wrong. My brothers aren't damned, they are pure innocence. Gavin will look you dead in the eye and tell you that your nose is ugly, but not mean a single bit of malice by it. He just thinks you have an ugly nose. He doesn't see anything wrong with that. How can that be a damned soul?

Not all christians are bad. But it disgusts me to be around these type of people. So I'm Sorry for saying it **** (blurred his name out) but if you really think all of this...Don't come back to my house man. I just don't want to be around someone who believes me, and my brothers are abominations."

So yeah...just thought you guys would like to read this one.

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Re: Christianity

Are you the guy that is bisexual, former heroin addict and atheist that couldn't figure out why his girlfriends parents didn't want her to date you?

If so, not really sure if this is worth reading.



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Re: Christianity

Yeah he is, JM.
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Re: Christianity

Google two things:

1) Richard Dawkins
2) Westboro Baptist Church

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Re: Christianity

Thought so, Cerbs (not sure I'll ever be able to call you by your new username lol).

No point trying to have a rational conversation with him on this issue either then. I'll respond with the simple tl;dr.



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Re: Christianity

tl;dr, OP is a faggot.

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Re: Christianity

i skimmed through it, lame story btw

what a BABE
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Re: Christianity

So I'm guessing it wasn't his bisexuality that prompted a congregational rape but an addiction to heroin?
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Re: Christianity

tl;dr: Another religion rant where some bigots do some shit.
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Re: Christianity

christianity is nonsense, yea i agree... that doesn't make up for the boring rant though.
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