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alexfakelastname 01-17-2011 11:53 AM

The American IQ
Day by day I get a little more depressed from this. The American society as a whole is getting slowly and slowly stupider. I Surveyed 30 of my friends at random off of my Facebook, and it was pathetic that most of them can't name the first ten presidents, can't read a clock, Have never seen Star Wars, The Godfather, or Rocky. They haven't played the original Super Mario Brothers. Thought Flo Rida invented the hook of the song "Right Round". Don't know what year the declaration of independence was signed. There's more but I won't go on.

It's pathetic really because Ten years ago or Fifteen years ago none of these problems would've surfaced. Technology is ruining so many people. People are dependent on Facebook and Twitter. Even video games are getting easier for idiots. The only game with real true difficulty in the past year or so would be Super Meat Boy. Most games basically finish themselves now.

Our celebrities are famous for not even doing anything (Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton) and our music is the same repetitive line over and over again (Your A Jerk, I know). Did you know 60% percent of most pop songs is chorus? Emo music is so popular and It all sounds the same. Kids are cutting themselves for fun. And idiots are ruining things for all of us by saying Grand Theft Auto made them kill someone.

Basically I'm worried. If this steady de-evolutionary drop continues there won't be an america left. We will have stupidly ran it into the ground when the idiots of today become the leaders of tomorrow. The generation I am a part of is truly horrible, and the ones below it are even worse.

Thanks to idiots like that who buy into Justin Beiber nonsense and think they're so badass because of their COD KDR, I look like a moron by association. When I am a full fledged colonel of the Common Sense Army, and refuse to fall in line with people who probably can't even spell the president's name.

When my generation turns into the 30-40 year old leaders of the world, this world will enter a nuclear holocaust of unprecedented proportions. We solve our problems through violence and stupidity and I'm honestly scared to see what people who think 6x3 is a satanic number (Honestly wouldn't do the problem in geometry I swear to you) will do with that kind of power.

Cerbs 01-17-2011 11:59 AM

Re: The American IQ
So you think people are getting dumber because they haven't seen Star Wars and Rocky and have different taste in music than you?

Wow, I can't believe you're calling people idiots. Maybe everyone would become smarter if they did heroin and listened to ICP.

reDREDD 01-17-2011 11:59 AM

Re: The American IQ
So youre angry at society?

Get in line.

Look nobody is more elitist than me, and i cannot relate with today's pop culture AT ALL, but sounds like you're just pre-judging people.

Stannis Baratheon. 01-17-2011 12:02 PM

Re: The American IQ
People have the freedom to listen to whatever music they want to listen to. And yes, listening to Justin Bieber will lead to a nuclear holocaust.

And we are the idiots..

Cerbs 01-17-2011 12:02 PM

Re: The American IQ

Originally Posted by alexfakelastname (Post 9243125)
Took 67 stitches to fix my face up. Even then I still looked fucked the fuck up. There were 9/11 victims who looked better than me. My little brothers didnt even recognize me. Who's that mommy? Who's that zombie in the box? Why are we here if we dont know this guy. Only five people came to pay respects. My mom, my bros, my dad and the preacher. Where were you when I most needed ya? At home on the phone with your best friend huh? "I'm glad he's dead, he did us all a favor" Well from where I'm going, I think I'll see you later.

Truly genius material right here tbh.

STUFF 01-17-2011 12:04 PM

Re: The American IQ
Learn another language, instant 30 point increase

CBR 01-17-2011 12:05 PM

Re: The American IQ
There are many different types of smarts. Book Smarts, Sex Smarts, Street Smarts among others. Everybody falls into one of the categories. There is no real such thing as a stupid person.

Tyrion Lannister 01-17-2011 12:06 PM

Re: The American IQ
There sure is a lot of grammatical errors there for a post based around the stupidity of others.

alexfakelastname 01-17-2011 12:08 PM

Re: The American IQ

Originally Posted by We Are Legion (Post 9243175)
Truly genius material right here tbh.

I said in that post it wasn't good.

And I know there are different types of smart and I never claimed to be a grammar genius so sorry.

It's not just the movies and the music, take a look at the news for like ten minutes. Murder Rates are going up, national tests scores are going down. My point lies there.

reDREDD 01-17-2011 12:09 PM

Re: The American IQ

That according to recent studies, due to Pop Culture, the average IQ is going up? TV, videogames and music today actually improve our analytical abilities AKA IQ!

Shocking, no?

The only reason the scores havent changed is because they continuously have to make the exams harder to make 100 the average IQ.

Its in an article called 'Brain Candy'. We're learning about it in Uni.

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