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Re: Obama is a dumbfuck

I liked Hworang and Jin when I played. Haven't played in a while. Hated Paul and his stupid haircut. STUPID STUPID.

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Valar Morghulis
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Re: Obama is a dumbfuck

KUMA was the worst character ever. The only reason to use him was to embarass someone by beating them with a fucking bear.
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Re: Obama is a dumbfuck

I may be against socialistic marxist driven Kenyacracies, but I still can't read the OP's writing.

You know, this "Obama Will KILL US" is so 2008. Get a new angle.
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Lynskey Lover
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Re: Obama is a dumbfuck

The whole BP thing pissed me off with him, it very quickly went from the disaster that it was to once again being all about money.

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It's Not Paranoia...
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Re: Obama is a dumbfuck

I'm waiting for the day Obama tells someone to eat a dick.
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Re: Obama is a dumbfuck

Anybody wanna go out for drinks? The threads as of late have been very dull.
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Heel Turn on James Ellsworth
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Re: Obama is a dumbfuck

The best character in Tekken 3 was easily Gon. But seriously, I kicked so much ass with Eddy and Hworang. Those were the days...

And I'm not even gonna get started on Obama.
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Re: Obama is a dumbfuck

Title sums it all up for me.

What we're seeing with Obama now is what happens when we treat politics like American Idol. Obama was the pop culture "cool guy" that the media ate up like potato chips, and that's what people went with. Unfortunately, few questioned his ability at actually doing the job, and well, here we are.


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The Man
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Re: Obama is a dumbfuck

Meh, I haven't been too happy with Obama, but anyone looks good compared to Bush. And McCain wasn't going to be much better. Which means we really had no choice.

Btw, Sergei Dragunov was pretty awesome.

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Re: Obama is a dumbfuck

I've met with an americanl
democrat teacher, she believed Obama's gone more Republican than Liberal, and his way of solving the health care is like a Dam, and its got a leak, and he's putting a "Band Aid" on it.
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