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Re: Animal Cruelty

I watched a programme on TV here in Northern Ireland about 2 years ago which was about people (ASSHOLES) training their dogs to fight to the death basically. They showed clips of the fights, as they had an undercover guy who infiltrated the places where they held the fights, and it was fucking disgusting. I don't actually think I've been more horrified and disgusted in my life to watch two horrendous looking dogs kill eachother. The dogs actually looked like they were on steroids or something fuck sake

It sickens me to know that there are scumbags in my area, and across the world that actually enjoy watching trained animals fighting. They need locked up

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Re: Animal Cruelty

Yes, animal cruelty is something that will sadden me while simultaneously piss me off. I just recently joined the Austin Humane Society and will be volunteering some of my free time helping train dogs to make better pets. The kennels aren't easy on dogs at all (but it's better than being in an abusive home), and some of the dogs have been abused. It'll be my job to help train the dogs to make better pets, thus facilitating their adoption. I'm not good enough to train the really psycho (made) dogs of course, but I'm going to do my part, whatever is needed. Perhaps I'll learn to train the psychos too in time, retraining them to be like they're supposed to be before they were abused.

I'm kinda stoked about it.

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Re: Animal Cruelty

Several years ago, when my wife and I moved to the neighborhood we live in now, our next door neighbors at the time had two kids and a puppy. The kids and adults were horrible to that dog, an English springer spaniel. In fact, once I caught the kids kicking the dog and I was very tempted to jump the fence and kick both of their asses.

One night, my wife mentioned to me the house was empty next door, apparently according to the landlord of the place the family owed a good chunk of back rent and bailed out in the middle of the night, took all their shit and off that floor like a virgin on prom night. When the landlord and I went over, we heard a whimpering in the basement. The dog was there, apparently they abandoned it and left it to starve. He was going to call the local ARL, but I told him I would see if we could find a home for it.

At first, the Mrs. thought I was out of my mind, we had our son at the time and a cat. However, I told her that I was looking for a good hunting dog and thought this would be the one. I talked her into letting us keep the dog, she is a sucker for animals as well.

Needless to say, that dog is 9 years old now but has been a faithful, loving dog to our family. Plus, she was fairly easy to train and make into a hunting dog and she's helped me bag deer, ducks, and pheasant. I'm not the least bit sorry I took that dog in that day.

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Re: Animal Cruelty

Originally Posted by Stone Cold sXe View Post
You're a fuckwit.

First off, they're not a race, they're a species.

Second, dogs attack if they get a weird vibe from you. You're sending off weird vibes, thus they attack. Don't be such a pussy and deal with the situation - assert yourself as the master of the dog, don't act intimidated by them.
Humans are a species, too. So the terms may as well be interchangeable. Besides, maybe that's what the uprising's about, equal rights. They just want to be recognized as a race, man.

Also, I don't know what the fuck weird vibe they're getting from me. I've never been afraid of them, even after the first attack. They just... don't like me for some reason. But the constant attacks have slowly made the feeling mutual. To be honest, it's lucky I don't condone animal cruelty. They do advise that, if you're attacked by a dog, you kill it by doing the leg pull apart thing. God knows if I were cruel enough, I'd have done it.
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Re: Animal Cruelty

I beat up a guy in college pretty bad for throwing rocks at a puppy.

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Re: Animal Cruelty

^ Good man
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Thumbs down Re: Animal Cruelty

Originally Posted by TheLoneShark View Post
I don't know. What could possible be wrong with the British Nazi Party?
It's actually British National Party.
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Re: Animal Cruelty

Originally Posted by MVP444 View Post
It's actually British National Party.
i love you so much. i really think you might be the one.
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Re: Animal Cruelty

What amazes me is how human beings could show so much more compassion for an animal than for another person. It almost borders on creepy (before I continue, I owned a large white alsation dog which I loved to death so it's not like I don't understand the bond you can form with an animal).

There's another forum I go onto and I've actually seen people LOL'ing at GIFs of women getting hit by men and such, but if there's any animal cruelty on there they turn into vigilante mods "ANIMAL CRUELTY IS AGAINST THE RULES BANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN"

Wtf? Am I missing something here? A women getting punched in the face is funny but a cat being kicked is horrendous? Are we, as people, really at a level where humanity sucks so much that we actually value the lives of animals over other people now?

For the record, I do hate animal cruelty. But come on, I fucking hate seeing some douchebag alpha male lay one on a woman too. If I see a woman getting beaten up and a dog getting beaten up, up my first save is for the woman.

My sister is a perfect example of why this perplexes me so much. My Sister is in the rare position of having seen both a person and a dog being fatally wounded by a car. She cried for the dog. Actually started hyperventilating. She didn't exactly get her phone out and hit up youtube with the guys brains on the road but still - in two equally similar situations, she showed more emotion for an animal she didn't know than for a person she didn't know.

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Re: Animal Cruelty

Originally Posted by Ph3n0m View Post
Wtf? Am I missing something here? A women getting punched in the face is funny but a cat being kicked is horrendous? Are we, as people, really at a level where humanity sucks so much that we actually value the lives of animals over other people now?
yeah, that's pretty much it. + the woman probably deserved getting punched in the face.
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