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Re: Marijuana is way overrated

Don't worry Alpha, I can hook you up with some hardcore illegal drugs like Tylenol and Advil.

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Re: Marijuana is way overrated

NEVER drink before smoking. That can mess you right up. However, I find that I can only smoke when I've been drinking, so I end up doing both anyway. It's nothing special.
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Re: Marijuana is way overrated

Shit man, maybe if you burnt one more often you wouldn't have hit your mum.

Seriously though, weeds okay. Cant be bothered with it too much as I get older, but it can be fun if youre staying in. Going out though, I'd rather drink.
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Re: Marijuana is way overrated

I only smoke dope after I'm sloshed. It's like being drunk times a thousand, your just plain fucked. Defiantly have some foggy memories thanks to that dangerous duo.
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Re: Marijuana is way overrated

Some people get really bad reactions to weed. Count yourself lucky you didnt spend the night vomiting in some bathroom like a mate of mine after he first did it.

I like it personally. Relaxing.
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Re: Marijuana is way overrated

That's why, back in the day, I always stuck with the prescriptions.

Yes, I realize it was just as bad, but I always knew what I was getting.

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Re: Marijuana is way overrated

Originally Posted by Alpha-Male View Post
Waste of time. Booze is way better. When I drink alcohol I just get a nice surge of energy and feel ready to take on anything.

Right, like your car keys.

Fuck all this noise. Weed > Alcohol any day except Friday.
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Lightbulb Re: Marijuana is way overrated

Q Makes Drunk Aussies Cry
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Re: Marijuana is way overrated

I had to quit smoking for my job but I don't see any problem with marijuana, it's cheap, makes you feel good and relaxes you, it's also safer than cigarettes, alcohol and all the hard drugs. and lets not forget all the actual medical uses when taken properly. Im not saying let it consume you but a little indulging now and then is ok in my book.
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Re: Marijuana is way overrated

If it was boring, you probs didn't do it right.

Get hammered, get stoned, then drive somewhere. That will be eventful as fuck.
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