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Re: Abortion

Originally Posted by Phenom View Post
Abortion is the murder of a human being.
The law disagrees.

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Re: Abortion

The woman's choice began in having sex while not wearing a condom. Now if they took all the necessary measures, and they aren't a young person who shouldn't be having sex anyway, why not give the baby up? What happen to, "you made the choice now you live with it". Why live with it when you can be a coward and kill a baby. It's like someone else said, eagle eggs have potential to become eagles, and yet we can't kill them.


Anyway, I do think abortion should be legal for the 8.2% that actually need it, not just to feel in control of something or get rid of "accessories". Though, I'd still consider myself Pro-Life.

Rest in Peace, Katherine. I love you.

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Thumbs down Re: Abortion

Stupid idiots with your whole "Abortion" rap.

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Re: Abortion

Originally Posted by Triple X View Post
why not give the baby up?
I would agree with you, if a pregnancy wouldn't last 9 months and wouldn't have huge physical and emotional cosequences (and maybe complication) for a woman. That's the part where a woman has the right to choose. If she just doesn't want a baby it wouldn't be a sufficient argument for abortion. But the consequences for her are. And taking that right away from a woman is a crime against her. You should never forget about that.
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Re: Abortion

Abortion is pretty much illegal here, afaik, unless there's a deemed risk to the mother.

Idk like I don't think I agree with abortion, but why should I really care what others do. No point going around trying to impose my views on people. So I guess I'm pro-choice.

Totally just jumped in here, this post is probably not relevant.
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Re: Abortion

Abortion is what it is.

If a person is comfortable with a destroying a life, let them. It's on their conscience for the rest of their life.

I'm more pro-life, but I understand some examples in which abortion would be allowable.

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Re: Abortion

Originally Posted by gem'no View Post
It's not the end of the story. This talk is just the typical religious "Do what I believe or I'll kill you"-logic. Terrible.
There was nothing religious in what I said. It's just that plain and simple.

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Re: Abortion

I know this topic is two years old, but I figure it's better to bump this instead of creating another one on the same thing.

Anyways, I've heard so much about "murder this and murder that" in regards to it being completely unacceptable and whatnot. Which brings me to this topic. Why is abortion legal when it's murder as well? I don't care if it's an unborn baby, it's still breathing and developing into a human being waiting to see the world. It's a soul who's chance to live in the world is taken away before it even gets that chance. I understand if it's a controversial situation like being a rape victim, but even then, I think the baby should be handed to somebody who's willing to raise that child. They may not feel good about finding out the truth later when they get older, but I'm pretty sure a kind person is willing to give them the inspiration to live their life the way it should be lived and there's another troubled child's problems solved.

And the argument that "if a woman is comfortable with destroying a life, let them" is beyond ridiculous. So if I or anybody else feel comfortable about killing another person for no reason, does that mean it's okay for me or anyone else to take the life away from that poor victim?

The countries where abortion is not fully legal have something right going on, the whole world including more 'advanced' countries like most of Europe and of course, America need to correct that error and make this tool for murder illegal.
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Re: Abortion


Because why bring a baby that won't get raised well. I feel bad and sorry for piece of shit parents that bring up a kid and they don't raise them right its a very sad scenario in life. The cycle revolves again why because this kids born from crappy parents and are more likely to get prego or get someone pregnant. Course there are some that will be something in life (however very slim).

Rape is a very sad scenario and I don't believe any woman wants to see a kid that is not theirs. There is adoption, but adoption isn't always a great way to be raised. Also to get picked up by a caring family and "when" it happens rare.

Sadly there isn't enough men that are manly enough to carry a kid. They talk big and like a player make the girl feel there in a fantasy yet when the girl is pregnant the so called "man" wants out and is a pussy at that moment.

Educate this kids teach them about condoms and contraceptives. Hell even if you don't use a condom or it in progress rips there is the magical morning pill. I didn't know about it and can apparently do wonders. However also teach them about chances of getting a deadly std and dieing if you will only rely on morning pill and are hopping around with random people.

How wonderful right having a young 17 year old girl with a kid coming in life probably will treat there son/daughter like crap. Single mom and guess what my working hard dollars will go to a kid unknown kid for around 17 years and 364 days oh boy will this be wonderful!

Bottom line I don't see whats so expensive buying some condoms and knowing how to properly have sex. If this happens get the damn morning pill. This area is very controversial, but schools and parents (or some special paid agent with advice) should teach this young people about pregnancy and stuff this is just getting out of hand.

my two cents
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Re: Abortion

I'm all for it. If the women gets preggers, and the women doesn't want to be a mom, why should the baby suffer?
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