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Re: Abortion

Originally Posted by Rawlin View Post
pretty much my thoughts. lulz @ a bunch of men on WF talking this one out.
Yeah I'm leaving this to the ladies

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Re: Abortion

Originally Posted by Manix View Post
This whole abortion thing can be avoided (exception of rape) if guys/men simply don't cum in the girl/woman's vagina even he if wears protection and/or the chick is on the pill.

You are about to bust a nut? Put it out, take out the fucking condom and ejaculate on the girl's stomach, breasts, face, mouth, etc.

Seriously, why no one thought of that yet?
Because women want you to cum in them. They'll get on top and hold you down, or grab your hips and hold you in.

They wanna get pregnant until they piss you off.

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Re: Abortion

Originally Posted by ItsWhatIdo View Post
Something to ponder. If you kill a woman carrying a baby, it is considered murdering two people. But if a woman goes and aborts that baby instead, it is ok.
If the woman is in her first trimester than no, it wouldn't not be murdering two people, at least in the eyes of the law. Most abortions are only legal in the first trimester as well, due to the development the fetus experiences in the second and third trimesters.

A fetus is a lot different than a person. The fetus does not only reside inside the woman, but it fully depends on the women for life. It is entirely impossible for a fetus to continue to live without the mother. Human beings must, by definition, be separate individuals. You do not obtain the status of "human being" by virtue of living inside the body of another human being; the very thought is inherently ridiculous, even offensive.

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Re: Abortion

Aside from rape and a drunken fling, I don't see how you get preggo in 2011 if you don't want to. Get your girl to go on the pill and make sure she takes it at the exact same time everyday and you're good to go. My fiance has been on the pill for over 4 years now and I've been unloading in her ever since with no issues, and I am paranoid as fuck about stuff like that. If you get preggo when you're on the pill you either didn't take it properly or you took an anti-biotic and it made it not work.
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Re: Abortion

Fuck man Walls, the pill for guys is almost out now too I think, so no more relying on a woman's word.

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Re: Abortion

Guys are so awesome.
Have a period for a couple of years and you'll see that popping a pill and/or having a guy wear a condom, etc is not 100% child proof. Sometimes, your period comes a lot sooner than expected OR it comes a lot later than usual. You can't be down to splash off inside a chick and expect her to continue using the pill without realizing that there is still a possibility that she can get pregnant. I'd love to see how some guys would react if a baby popped out of your penis when it is not something that you want at that point in time.

When you get pregnant, at first it is a cluster of cells which form into an embryo which will then form into a fetus. It is not a fetus or embryo from jump street. By week nine, it is only an inch long. By week 10, it's 3 inches...yes 3 inches. I'm obviously pro choice but not as a form of birth control and I'm definitely not a supporter of Partial Birth abortions unless it is a life or death situation and before anyone says "but I'd rather save the baby instead of the mother", you are absolutely crazy. You can always have a child if the mother survives.

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Re: Abortion

does anyone remember the cosby episode where the men get pregnant, and birth weird shit like subs/soda, sailboats, and race cars?

male pregnancy is awesome.

cool and smooth, that's how i play.

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Re: Abortion

In the five years I have been on the internet I have never met someone that I don't like, until now that is.

For some reason beyond me you have always had a comment to make about something I posted, and it is never anything nice. It's almost like you have something against me.

I always try to get along with everyone, and it almost makes me feel bad in saying this but -

I don't like you scrilla. You think you are better then everyone else, but news flash brother you are not. It won't be me but one day someone is going to knock you off of that pedestal you are on and it's going to be a long fall down.

I will be adding you to my ignore list now, so have a nice day buddy.

as for abortion it's up to the woman. no I'm not talking about 3rd trimester abortions. the bitch should at least make up her mind early.


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Re: Abortion

The world is rapidly overpopulating and abortions are considered a bad thing? Get your fucking ignorant asses the fuck out of here. It doesn't even matter if the mother can take care of the baby or not because we really don't need more people in the fucking world, especially if it was an accident and unwanted in the first place.

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Re: Abortion

Someone on another site actually said, "If you were being aborted, how would you feel?"
Seriously. Someone really said that.

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