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Re: Abortion

Originally Posted by GuruOfMarkness View Post
Pro Life. Would you kill a homeless person because he has a bad quality of life? Should you kill a child because his grandfather was a serial killer? Should Hitler have a choice to organize the murders of mentally handicapped kids? No way man, the most feminist woman groups will damn anyone who goes against what a woman wants, but they won't stand up for the woman inside the womb. I love children to the death and it sickens me when people hurt them. Murder is murder in my eyes and I will never change.
What happens if the said person is raped and doesn't want a rape because of the rape.

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Re: Abortion

Originally Posted by Choke2Death View Post
Seriously, that's what came to mind for me. Abortion should not be done just because life around your neighborhood is rough. With that logic, it means a poor family should kill their 3 year old kid just because he/she is living a hard life. Yet if someone does that, they'll get blasted and called a murderer. Just compare the situation of an unborn baby to that of a little newborn baby. How would killing the unborn baby make you feel and how would killing the newborn baby make you feel?
There's a difference between aborting a fetus and killing a toddler. I don't know why you would make that comparison.

Originally Posted by CamillePunk View Post
Haha what the fuck? Are you serious? My grandparents had 7 kids in a low income household in a neighborhood with gang violence. All 7 are still alive and we have a great big happy family now. Examples like this are where abortion SHOULDN'T be an option. Rape, unhealthy fetus, abort to save the mother? Absolutely. Abort because you don't have a lot of money? Lol. If my grandparents could raise 7 kids on barely any money, parents these days can find a way to cut costs to raise 1.
Kids who are born into those situations often become a detriment to society because they grow up to become criminals. They're born into an environment where it's uncommon to not join a gang. Money is tight. Meals are few and far in between. It's tough to overcome that environment when they have virtually no positive influences in their life so they turn to a gang for support. It gives them a sense of belonging, protection, and most of the time a steady income from selling dope and doing all kinds of other shit.

I mean I could argue your reasons for abortion as well. Just because a child is the result of a rape doesn't mean it doesn't deserve to live and aborting to save the mother could be argued as being selfish. As for your reason of an "unhealthy fetus" I completely agree, depending on the defects.

I'm not trying to justify reasons to abort a fetus, just reasons as to why there should be a choice. It's YOUR fetus and you deserve to do what YOU want to do with it for the same reasons as to why you should be able to choose your career, your sexuality, or even what you have for dinner one night.

Choices should be available no matter what the situation.

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Re: Abortion

abortions are fucking awesome. everyone should be required to have at least on in their life. if they decide to have another they should be given a bonus.
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Re: Abortion

I can't believe we live in a world where people are still against abortion. Forcing a women to become a mother when she doesn't want to is just sick in my opinion. It's bad for the mother and the child's welfare.
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Re: Abortion

pretty controversial subject.

i'd actually prefer creating a new thread than bumping a 2 year old thread ... but since this already received a decent amount of replies, i'll allow it.

but i am moving this to rants. go nuts.

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Re: Abortion

Pro life

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Re: Abortion

As long as the mother pays for it herself, i have no problem with it.

I wouldn't get into a relationship with a woman who didn't want children but wouldn't use protection.

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Re: Abortion

Pro choice, until the umbilical chord is cut, that thing is still part of her body and no different than doing anything else to your body like getting a piercing or tattoo.

And I'm as far right as they come.

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Re: Abortion

dont care, im not getting one

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Re: Abortion

Of course Abortion should be legal. If a woman gets raped and becomes pregnant, why the fuck would she want that child or be forced to have it?
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