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I'm pissed. DX>IWC

I truly understand why the WWE couldn't care less about the IWC. You guys don't know what you want.

"DX is too old"

STFU, they're not your average 38, 41 year olds. They're in excellent shape, and aren't your average fat ass, viagra-using 38, 41 year old American. Tom Welling from Smallville is almost 30 years old, but he plays a 19 year-old teen. So why should it be different in the WWE? Or what about the actors who played, Pyro, Rogue, and Iceman? They're 10 years older than the parts they played. Many of you are downright ignorant! Age doesn't define you, YOU define age. Meaning, you shouldn't base your self on a number, but by who you actually are physically and mentally.

"Dx is immature"

And so what were they back in 1998?

"DX uses too much toilet, dick humor"

And 1998, I can remember much related humor. Such as when DX use to blow super soakers all the time (indicating a male's orgasm). Or how about when HBK pulled a sausage from out of his pants? There is much related humor they used in 1998. So if you hate 2006 DX because of their humor style, then you would've hated the 1998 version of it.

Bottomline, Vince doesn't listen to the IWC. He doesn't listen to you, and damn it he doesn't listen to me. He listens to the LIVE fans who spend their hard earned money buying a ticket. He bases his decisions on their reactions. This is why the title was thrown to Edge at NYR, because the crowd was booing Cena. Because we ALL know that way before the crowd actually started booing, we hated Cena. But Vince watched the crowd's reaction instead of reading stupid IWC opinons of John Cena.

So like it or not, in the meantime DX is here to stay. You can either watch Raw, or not. The more DX signs and positive reactions Vince sees from the Crowd, the longer DX is here to stay!



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Rock 'N Roll
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Re: I'm pissed. DX>IWC

I have two words too:

I agree.

Show time.
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Excellent. The bar is so low we can step over it.
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Re: I'm pissed. DX>IWC

I agree as well. I guess it's just because people are so used to seeing them be serious now that it doesn't feel right when they're not. I still think it's great though.

Erm, does it make me stupid that I actually paused for a while when I got to the "actors who played Pyro..." bit actually believing it was, you know, Pyro that you meant?
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Re: I'm pissed. DX>IWC

You people and your 'Two Words'

You're all SOOOOO cool by using that stale catchphrase, I'm envious of you all and wish I could be as hip as you!!!

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Re: I'm pissed. DX>IWC

^^^That has nothing to do with the topic, but okay...
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What's up, vanilla face?
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Re: I'm pissed. DX>IWC

1. Everybody is entitled to an opinion, and it should be respected whether or not you agree with it.

2. Live crowds differ from place to place. A crowd in New York, Toronto, or Philly is very much different that a crowd in Texas or Florida. Philly, NY, and TO are more smarky cities and that is where you got a lot of anti-Cena sentimint. In other cities however, they love him. Why I even remember a "We Want Cena" chant during an episode of ECW not in Philly. The next week in Philly however, it was completely the opposite.

3. Contrary to popular belief the WWE does listen to the IWC sometimes. Do you think live fans wanted them to push Paul London? Do you think live fans wanted them to make better use of the cruiserweights? Do you think live fans wanted them to keep CM Punk's sXe gimmick? The answer, for the most part, is no.

4. While you can argue their age doesn't affect their ability as long as they stay fit, you can't argue that their not past their prime. Both of them. Shawn Michaels has NEVER been the same since his back injury no matter what you say, and Triple H has been much worse wrestling-wise since he tore his quad. For me, age isn't a factor when I call them past their prime.

It was a good column, but these are what I disagree with.

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Re: I'm pissed. DX>IWC

Ever heard of different opinions? And what about respecting them too?

DX for me just isnt the same as it was. It was good to put HBK, well, more Trips anyway, over with the crowd. It was funny back then, different, original, and perfect because of the Attitude era, it was the right time. Now its just boring to watch these old guys trying to be rebels, plus Shawn is a new born christian and doesnt fit at all in DX. I never wanted them back again in the first place.

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Re: I'm pissed. DX>IWC

YES I agree People think 41 and 38 are old when there not and the childish poty humor is what they always did its fuckin hillarios and for people who dont like it Ive got wordsfor ya DONT WATCH

RIP Nancy and Daniel Benoit

I'M back and Better than ever

Band of the week

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Who gives a ****
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Re: I'm pissed. DX>IWC

Aren't DX doing the same shit as Cena before Cena started getting boo'd hard?
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Re: I'm pissed. DX>IWC

Aren't you in the IWC, however? We all are, its just there are two different sides to the IWC. The more Smarkish fans who don't know what they want, and the more Mark side that appreciate what they get, and leave it at that. Some people can't handle that they cannot be satisfied, most people want satisfication, but you can't please everyone. Fans are fans, doesn't matter if they're Live, Mainstream, or IWC. Every fan in the back of their heads wish something could change about the product they want, its just the IWC are more public than most.
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